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This looks brilliant! Great sequel

Very cool game! Great graphics and animation. Thumbs up!

Thank you for another gem!

Maybe a collaboration between the two of you some time in the future? ;-

Yes I will buy it!

You are a part of a "'s Top 20 Games of Jan 2024!" video on youtube. Congrats! Looking forward to play this on my MSX computers.

Wow! This is really a cool game!


Love it!

Great version!

Really nice game! Well done

Really well done!

Super impressive as always Sarah!

Great! Please make an english translation

Please consider making an english version

Wow! A game for the Camputers Lynx! Excellent!

Great work! I hope you get around to add sound effects and music as well

Beautiful work!

Excellent work as always!

A fast-fill version would be cool though!

Excellent game!!

very cool!

Really cool!

hard but fun!

Nice tribute to Rox on the Amiga

It looks and sounds great, but it is way too hard. Please adjust the gameplay difficulty  to become  more fun to play

Another winner!

It was sold on cartridge a year ago. Look here:

Top game!

Excellent version of an excellent game

Great game. Congrats on making your first game!

Cool game!

Great version. Please consider making a download version

Love this conversion! Any chance for adding paddles control?

Very impressive game! Gameplay rocks!

I would love this as well!


Fingers crossed!

Great game Roysterini!

Great one! Wish it had paddles control though