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Brad forgot to pay the developer fees

Brad forgot to pay the developer fees according to his Cousin.

Ooohh, ok thanks for the explanation!

Wait it it's 2D none of the screenshots show the game?

Good luck running the web version since it ran on flash

Just use 7zip bruh

no you don't
Wasd to move arrow keys to shoot

The game crashes on loading for me both on the dowload and on Newgrounds

The game is Awesome!

Didn't play something so cool in a while!

For who want's to know why this is Paid, The Creator needs money and deserves, this is free on mobile, and he deserves 2 bucks for remaking 2 games 2 times!

Tenho de dar alt tab, ir para outra janela e voltar a entrar na janela do jogo para desaparecer

Tem um bug, tem uma borda preta em um lado do ecrâ.