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It came from a pop song by Jacky Cheung ;) (每天愛你多一些)

Piano cover here: 每天愛你多一些, 張學友 Jacky Cheung Hok Yau (鋼琴教學) Synthesia 琴譜 Sheet Music - YouTube

Sheet here: 每天愛你多一些, 張學友 Jacky Ch (

Just dropping by to say, so far I've found BGMs of this one (Teresa Teng), Joey Yung, Fiona Fung, Mag Lam, and Stephanie Sun!

Made my day that shiro included so many Chinese pop interpretations into this awesome work :3

I'm just dropping by to say not only is the writing deeply touching, it is also very grounded in a way. I've only delved into one plotline so far, but everything is just so personal, you would absolutely root for the characters to get through to a happy ending. The plot reminds me very much of Madoka Magika in a way, now that I think about it. 

What got me absolutely on board was, well, 100% the BGM. The first thing I heard was Moonlight, then A Little Love, and even Continuous Drama ("repeat") on piano solo, all very familiar Chinese and Hong Kong songs that strikes deep in the nostalgia department. I'm beginning to think you're a fan of Joey Yung haha. Please keep this up so we can see through to the end.