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Like the game. I played Project BlockchainZ and this looks better. When will you release the full game??

Looks nice. I'll give it a try.

This is so nice and quiet. Like it, indeed.

Very nice game. Wanna follow your next improvements.

I like the concept, assets are pretty cool too. Gonna download and see how the puzzles are.

Cute but not really funny. I wish i could see real Tokio city, as a Japan lover. Reminds me of Where's Waldo!

Art is so brilliant, guys. Even the fact that I don't really like Point&Click games. Gonna download right now and give it a try.

Creepy and funny. Like it.

Funny game. Interesting retro graphics. Simple but efficient. Well done, devs.

Very, very VERY nice concept game. Colour puzzles are quite interesting. I'm impressed with the idea. Hope further updates soon, right?

np! Wanna see more about it!

Like it. Nice work! Colour palette is pretty cool.

Very beautiful graphics. There is something interesting behind the concept game. Hope development goes far!

Visually interesting, I'll give it a try. Hope gameplay last more than 2 hours.

Interesting concept game. Graphics are pretty cool, too. Maybe mechanic need more development. Wanna see more.

I definitely love graphics! Reminds me of Super Hot and Project BlockchainZ, 'cause of the minimalist aesthetic. Shooting feels cool, and that's the best for me. Keep working, devs!

I just downloaded PBCZ again and I found something curious... slow motion! This is so Super Hot xD xD

Thank God, it's Bullet time.

Totally agree! Can you imagine this little zombies with the Borderlands textures? LOVE IT!

Cool. Just followed on Discord ;)

Can anyone explain me why zombies run like this?

I like the worldmap. Found FallNation in forums, sounds cool. Any date for the release?