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Part of the problem before was entirely phasing though walls, or being thrown into absolute nothing depending on the quality of your CPU...

Came about because it was stable in debug, wasn't until last minute testing in release I noticed how entirely broken movement was, so had to do emergency patch fix.

If I might, poke folks at the jam server here, could also poke folks at the Desert Bus thread too.

Must admit, I was not prepared for that connection to desert bus.

No idea why the link expired, but many thanks for the heads up! I have updated with a fresh 'never expire' link, and for anyone else who views this, here it is

Best place to ask all that sorta questions is in the presented discord chat. But for folks who are just lurking around here:
1: It is a fan run charity, that the folks at Desert Bus are very aware of. The past few years they have been announcing the prompt live at the start for us,  and the discord channel we use is in Loading Ready Run's own server.
2: They have played the games before, but it is never something that is certain. Right now it seems rather unlikely since Watch and Play was the main place for them to be displayed, and Covid has put that on hiatus, but we never know what the future holds.
3: The main requirement is something linked to the Desert Bus Charity (be it the game, the live stream, or something else entirely) with a strong recommendation to use the prompt that gets announced. We have had remakes and reimaginings of Desert Bus itself, but that tends to be only the start. Management sims, RPG's, text adventures, minigame collections. Make what is in your heart.

Could you share the warning? Admittedly due to it buffing so many videos at once, with admittedly subpar methods I think it's memory overhead might be a tad high, but still I would like to know more about any errors or warnings. 

Thanks! I think this might be the first cross jam submission, neat!

This came out of the blue! I love it. 

Fixed, but at the cost of what little gameplay remained! So I suppose that's another bug to fix now, but at least it "runs." 

Sorry, had to strip it out to solve the error someone else posted, dumb stuff with some of the libraries being called. Admittedly there wasn't much before, so working on fixing all that.  

Unexpected! Gonna jump in and try to get this undone.

Thanks! Its a neat game so wanted to share it. I also included a txt file crediting you in the ZIP folder with it. 

Anyway, to avoid clutter I will likely delete my messages here in a few days, but if you would like to join, the next Desert Bus Game Jam is now accepting people for the 2018 run! 

Gotcha, and its actually about the game you made for the Desert Bus game jam. I was making a bunch of flash drives to give to the Desert Bus crew and noticed it was deleted. I have a copy of it I can send, but wanted to make sure it was OK to do so by you before doing so. Also wanted to check if it was OK for the VST to have a backup on their site for folks to access. 

It's a cute game, but I respect if you don't want it shared. 

Heya! Sorry for the round-about method, but got a question about sharing one of your projects, whats the best place to ask?