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Thank You!

I bought the physical copy of this game. During the last 3 days I played it a lot together with my wife. Really enjoyed the game. So cute. Not too hard and not too easy. Maybe the next Version with a 2 player mode?

Is the a way to reset the cartridge to start over again?

Wow! Great game. I have to try  the other game made by Lasse Öörni.

Nice puzzle game. Instead of a password system a save file would be nice. The rewind feature is great. Love the look of the game.

I realy like to 2 player coop mode and the music. Nice game!

Nice game. I like the idea not to have to remove all the blocks. Very enjoyable.

Sehr charmantes Spiel, welches ich gerne auf original Hardware spielen würde. Leider scheinen die Disketten in einem speziellen Format (40 Spuren?)  vorzuliegen. Damit kommen die Übertragungswege die mir zur Verfügung stehen (PC64, SD2IEC) nicht klar. Schade. Wenn es irgendwo noch originale Disk zu kaufen gibt, bitte Rückmeldung.

Sitting here with pen and paper drawing a map. Nice game. Seems to be not to hard. Well done!