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Hm, I also wanted to suggest some stuffs : 

PLEASE add another type of core like a bigger and stronger one. Nuceus is not enough for long missions and putting on vaults will take some room y'know

CAN you guys make like the core itself has its own installed turret. Really I want this.

MAYBE you guys can add a mod maker app for Mindustry? Making mods manually is quite hard actually. Especially making lots of sprites and buildings.

PLEASE add more mech pads tho, like a builder pad or destroyer, you know, each type?

KEEP the feature that players are allowed to control produced units, I really like it.

HOW about units that can only go on waters? Yeah I know its already on the v6 alpha but its quite glitchy.

MOTHERSHIPS. Like a unit that launces smaller units. For exam : Revenants launces a Wraith Fighter every 50 seconds and has a maximum unit of 2, that would be great.

IF theres a Meltdown, it will be good if there are also a Freezedown, a version of Meltdoen that freezes enemies instead of setting them on fire.

Thats all I can think so far, hopefully these can improve the game for good.

Wait a second, if mindustry has released the v6 alpha on pc, is there any platform on android too? I just wanted to download the android version. The release build on pc and android is the same, but the features are litteraly diffirent, like really..

(Anyhoo, i wanted to download the android version just for an "emergency" gameplay if my pc somehow shutdown, that alwasy happened.)

Hmm.. do I need to make a mod so I can make a customized campaign map? I hope it was, cuz I searched the feature on the game and there is no button to create a custom campaign map. So making a MOD to make campaign map is true?

Hi Anuke! Asking, I wanted to make a mod of a turret that spew out missiles. The only problem that the modding guide on ( didn't tell the major script of MissileBulletType. I know it was similar to the Swarmer turret, but please, how do I program a missile turret? I was actually want to took an example program of the Swarmer turret, but the files were just a void, its empty, but how?

By the way, real sorry for some wrong words. If have any suggestions, please, I really need one, thanks!