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You can use the buttons 1 to 6 to switch the inventory slots. If you like you can try that. Sorry that this is not explained in-game, but we edit it in the last minutes.

Yes, it is possible, but it seems more like a bug how I got up there and the game is getting very hard.
But the animation is reward enough.

Thanks, I wounded had tried it any more. 

Now I got a Problem...

I got trapped in Room 4x3 and there is no reset function. I have no cue how to get the block back up there…

I love this game, it is amazing. I think it is inspired by “Portal” and maybe “Pony Island” which are same of my most favoured games. So, it is not surprising that I love the game.

To build this game in one week is amazing. How many people were involved in this project?

For a jam the Game is perfect. Please keep developing this masterpiece

Nice little game. The end is interesting.  The UI can be improved but all in all very good.