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My god what a fantastic and refreshing game! Played it old school and loved it! I cant wait to play the full version on Steam. Congratulations on your success!

It was indeed a trip! I loved the way you played with time. So many questions about the origin of the snail. It was fun!

In absolute truth after I finished your game I spent quite a while just reflecting and thinking about all of the things Snail Tail could mean to different players. So many things can stop you from keeping up with the expected speed and its okay to embrace that and as much at it sucks its okay to accept it may not work with everybody. Your game totally captures that feeling.  Thank you for developing this game I enjoyed it a lot specially the afterthought it triggered.

I really got into the snail world and I was desperately hoping I would find food (and maybe explore a little bit more.) I did not read the horror story part so when I got there it was quite a surprise/shock but in a good way.  The movement of the dialogue/font was amazing and totally transmited the emotion to the player.  I really liked your game and Im looking forward to your upcoming work :D

I loved the game and the very innovative concept of using NCP's. Near the end I was screaming at the screen RUN LITTLE ONES! RUN FROM THIS DOOMED TOWN! as I tried to decide who's next. Your game made me feel like a hero then a regretful serial killer. Great idea and great execution. 10/10 would pay for an extended version.

I loved the vibe of the game. The music  carried me through the whole experience.  I look forward to see your next project!

I really liked this game a lot. the art style amplified the feeling of leaving everything behing. Thank you for making this game.

It has been QUITE a while since a game made me question or feel as helpless as I did. Amazing and powerful game that opened my eyes to what it can possibly be. I know this level of control can exist but Ive never thought about the medical area and how easy it can be to 'neutralize' problematic individuals. scary and well executed. This is probably one of my fav games ever. Thank you for creating it, you have given me quite a memorable experience.

a very powerful game. I loved it!

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I love the concept and the art! I wish there was an ending scene depending on which items Ive picked. I also found myself looking for a "Im ready" button instead of just waiting for the time to ran out. Having said that Im digging the game and Id love to see more!

*Id love to help you translate this game to spanish just bc I really liked your game!

I just want to say thank you for creating such a well-written story. I was fully immersed in the plot and the lovable characters! I wish there was a way to get malik all to myself tho hahaha. Ive managed to get at least 4 endings so far and Im loving this game. great art and soundtrack too!

Absolutely loved it! one of my favorite games!

This game was nerve wracking but in a good way! I loved the humor and the overall design! I was completely sold into the story never questioned it not even once! I went into the game without knowing anything and caught me by surprise. fantastic game that won me over. Ill keep this little gem close to my heart. Thanks for creating it!

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Loved the concept and the story! wish it was longer but I enjoyed it a lot! Thanks for creating this game. 

Fun quick game. I was hoping to buy new outfits with the money I was making but oh well. Thanks for the game!