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i disagree with that /s

Nice looking game! Very cute :3

Tips: Don't use the vertical-axes of the left joystick. I accidently switch between different fuels on accident ALL THE TIME, which makes certain jumps very difficult.

cool game :)

Depens on the gore, I'd say. Hotline Miami has been mentioned several times on the channel, so gore at that level is atleast allowed, I think

If you make a mistake in one of the puzzles, press R to restart. You can also pull crates by pressing X in front of them and then moving in the direction you want to move it!

A very cool game! I love the pirate theme of the game and especially the music :P Sometimes though you spawn on top of enemies, making you die in seconds. But it is great non the less.


It is at the bottom of the main page. Be quick, ten minutes left!