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you probably need to install VCRedist

I didn't notice any bugs (what are they?) but it's finicky, could use some polish in a real game.

I really liked this idea! I assume the last level is incomplete?

Cool concept, wasn't obvious that you have to spam spacebar to wall climb, though. The last level was pretty difficult, but the one which gave me the most grief was level 4.

Overall good job, a bit finicky, though

I forgot to mention - the artwork is great!

Once it clicked, I laughed out loud. I love the atmosphere; the idea is decent but could use more fleshing out due to every level being: wolf does nothing while rabbit finds the ghetto blaster -> wolf kills pigeons and eats trash to clear the way.

Agree with the other commenter about the ice-cube style movement.

Good job!

Controls: Arrow Keys to move

Goal: Collect the green things to unlock the exit. Both red and orange must go through the portal.

Further explanation: You control the orange guy. The orange guy is chained to the red guy. When they get too far away from each other, the orange guy will pull the red guy closer.

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For example, you could use something like this and due to the way you UV wrap, the 8x8 texture rule would not be broken. You could have one 8x8 texture per colour, or 64 colours per 8x8 texture, or somewhere in between.

With the current limitation, you could use a low-poly style with one or several 8x8 textures and use per-face-colouring. It's essentially removing the limitation if you use a low-poly style.

That is a good idea! I will look into it after the jam

I think you could be onto something here. If you could read the news and then trends change the next day, it would make the choices more meaningful. As it stands you just copy whatever is up the top left.

I am having a hard time staying motivated. I ended up binging YouTube for two days. How are ya'll doing so far?

Do you mean the purple ones in the middle? They actually do nothing because I forgot to give them colliders. They are meant to be holes you fall down, like the edge of the level.

Thanks, yeah I noticed that after the build but didn't fix it as of yet.

Thanks, I had fun with this one. I think it has potential.

The level is randomly generated but I made a helper function for the spawner.

I used Vectors (X, Y) because it's an easy way to expose two linked float values to the editor.

X is spawn frequency in seconds, Y is how long that 'phase' is active.

All the code is on GitHub, too.
This is game 17.