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this looks like a awesome game but im trying to play on mac and it wont load, its just stuck on the opening loading screen

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I love the look of the emril pickaxe but if you could make it so that if ur holding a pick its in your hand but if your not holding it its holstered on a belt and visible that would be cool and a nice attention to detail :)

Oh and making coal appear a bit more often would be great. Awesome game great work, definitely a 10/10 game when it comes to graphics and when its done, 10/10 in all aspects :D

I cant record it and i apologise i have tried but i just can't. whenever i think im recording im not. ty for your time this game is great and has alot of potential :D


it happened again lol

when i was in the process of recording It worked. I do swear the charactor was bugging out and the blank wouldn't reheat. False alarm ig, thanks for taking the time to reply and stuff. 

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This game is cool, and i made an iron blank but when i try to reheat it, it does reheat but i can't move when it does, i hold it in the tongs and interact with the furnace to reheat i have coal and it makes the blank red but i cant move unless i drop the bar and when i drop the bar it isn't heated and my coal wasn't taken. Apart from that this game is great, I love the art style and the idea of crafting a pick in a forge after making a bar instead of just buying upgrades like other games. keep up the good work

edit: This only happens on the mac version

BEST FREAKING GAME, apart from a few things that could be tweaked, this game has some serious potential if you make some kind of game that has the same kind of story but longer and better and the mechanic of the rope with the different items with different uses. I would love to see a full on game on steam or epic games launcher like this one. The look is awesome, the puzzles are really good, and the general idea for the story which is confusing at first is super good. You have made one of my favorite games, with an idea of the mobile rope arm is just.... just.... awesome. Makes me happy to see people who make games like this and it also makes me think about how these games could evolve into something better and popular. Good job Cagibi you have made a masterpiece.