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according to what i have read i get a background picture when i choose the bad ending but i never chose the bad ending once and i have a look further picture

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this game was very inspiring and taught me about how there is more than there meets the eye and allowed me to have a different look in life. I have 2 questions, I got a picture in my desktop which just says Look Further 2 times one in white and the bottom of my screen while another one red upside down on the top of my screen and the font is the same as the one in the game (not the girls voice), is it supposed to be there? Second question, is there a second game... hehe this game was really fun and I want to go through it again but I can't unless I delete my files or something which I don't know how to do and a different experience would be fun and can impact me and possibly others harder that this could. Great game I loved it very much :D 

edit: I play on Steam so if there is a way to restart I would gladly take the advice :)

edit 2: disregard that i know now ^^. I will listen to her, Help is always ringing.