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A member registered Feb 01, 2017

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what are the controls

I clicked play and the server list was completely empty and no option to create a server.

Posted in Pigeons

yes. resolution is 1366x768

Created a new topic Pigeons

The quest book icon covers two status bubbles for the pigeons.

Posted in Beer Problems

I have the barrels connected to the faucets but the inn was closed.

Created a new topic Beer Problems
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Beer will sometimes disappear when I leave the game and come back. It isn't small amounts it is a full barrel or more.

Posted in Hawker

Mushrooms need to restore much more hunger. The amount of hunger used to forage for mushrooms is not replenished by the mushrooms you collect. Also how many days are in a season

Created a new topic Hawker

The hawker should sell some type of food at least during winter if not throughout the entire year. This would be very helpful to new players who probably don't have much food or ways to make food during winter.