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Hey Jamie, we've noticed the bugs and feedback you have mention and we plan to smash out a quick hotfix for some of these issues, thank you for the feedback and bug reports we really appreciate it thank you! ~Shannon.

2022-11-02 - We will begin working on Avoid Death again in light of a showcase planned on December 1st! we will continue to update this page with future updates till then. Thanks, Shannon.

Avoid Death community · Created a new topic News & Updates

All news & update about Avoid Death will be posted here along side our Dev-Logs

Ahh i see silly me :')

Please post all suggestions and feedback here, thank you :)

Please post all observed bugs and issues here, Thank you. :)

Hi Jamie, this game doesn't appear to work via the WebGL build provided, the interactions appear to activate on their own at random intervals.

Yeah I usually come unstuck there to

Very nice! how many attempts did it take you haha :P

I finally beat your score Jamie! it took me about an hour also :P the game has a few moments where its super hard! but once you pass them you have a free ride till the next hard phase. Shannon~

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Hi Jamie, we really appreciate your feedback! The WebGL version was scrapped due to issues with, we hope to include this at a later date, the player being able to rotate in the pause menu is directly a bug along with the mouse visible in during gameplay, these issues will be resolved in future versions!

The extra 5 points at 1 minute, is an intentional design feature!

Thank you for your feedback we really appreciate it!


Nicely done! Yeah 1:42 is solid score I think my best is about a minute or so at the moment.

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All suggestions for future content and feedback would be greatly appreciated!
FakeArcade takes feedback and player suggestions very seriously every comment is important to us, you spent your time playing our game and writing a comment and we take that very seriously, we value your time!

Avoid Death community · Created a new topic Highscores!
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Hey all! post screenshots of your highest times and scores here!

Alpha Scores - 0.2

1. JamieCarmichael - Time: 08:04.97, Score: 520

Alpha Scores - 0.15

  1. JamieCarmichael - Time 16:19:90, Score 1925
  2. JamieCarmichael - Time 11:25.92, Score: 1370

Pre-Alpha Scores

  1. Arturiashadow - Time 3:29.87, Score: 220
  2. Shannon King - Time: 2:36.82, Score: 165
  3. JamieCarmichael - Time: 1:42.63, Score: 105

Very cool little game! While playing this I constantly was expecting a jump scare :')