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I can not believe the time has come. It is an absolutely fantastic time to be alive. Nothing has ever made me feel as grateful as this great event. This is indeed a marvelous point in time. Finally, the folk may unleash itself from the prison it was captivated in. I do not have the words to describe what I feel right now. I have waited for this time for my whole life. To see the word buy appear on the screen, gazing at me, gazing into the abyss. I am absolutely speechless. I want to thank my friends who were there to help me my whole life. I want to thank my parents. My mother, because she was always so nice and only hit me a few dozens of times in the five years that I'm on this planet. I want to thank my father, for leaving. If you ever come back, though, that would be very nice. I want to thank you all, users of this great social network, for believing that it could be done. We are victorious, and this amazing day will forever be commemorated in our collective memory, as a day of joy. This is a day of celebration. Of being truly happy that we were born into this vivacity. That we are descendants of a generation that has believed in us.  a generation that has put all of its trust in the people that built this world to be what it is today.
You made this world a better place. All of you. And this spectacular historical event will be forever remembered as a day where we left all of our sorrows behind, with audacity and gallantry. We have survived the 4-year drought that this game has been in development for. We have been crowned victorious by the Gods of Tim. We are the people that others don't even dream to be. We won the war.
Life will cease to be what it used to be. The sun will shine differently. The people will now be merry and joyful, instead of grumpy and gloomy as they always were. The world will be viewed from different eyes from now on. Eyes that are filled with pure satisfaction, instead of despair, constant agony and crippling depression.
I have lived 4 years to see this happen. I've seen my son graduate, and I didn't feel as blessed as I feel now. I've had my six brothers and sisters exploding in a terrible plane crash right in front of my eyes and I didn't shed a single tear. Today I am letting the floodgates burst open, and tears of joy are released, along with tears of pain I held inside for such a long time. I have murdered the Prime Minister of Uzbekistan and I didn't feel even 50% as good as I feel right now. You made this happen.
I once again thank you all. You made me happy, even though I have no heart and therefore am incapable of feeling emotion.
Today, for one day, we can forget about all our worries. We have triumphed over the disbelief.

*We did it, Chat*