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Great job with this game! I really enjoyed the aesthetics. Details like the colors and music changing as you progressed deeper had me completely immersed. I would love to see another game of yours! 

Hiii! I just finished my first play through, thought I'd let you know of some bugs I've come across. 

Arena Circus (regular) keeps telling me the Golden password is wrong. I restarted and put it in several times, being extra careful with capitalization and ! placement. For every time I had put the password in, it duplicated the Harlequin Boots and Shirt.

I moved to Arena Circus Golden instead, and besides some typos in the beginning portion, every thing went fine until the very end (Aldrich talking about the resistance, which I guess is the end of chapter 3 but I don't think there is a way of checking what chapter I am on?).  The scene from the inn where the group talks about getting a futon starts to play repeatedly, with L&A dressed for bed from the chapter end scene lol. After skipping forward, the main menu finally comes up... and that's when I realize I hadn't saved until before the duel! x( (A saving point after chapters might be a luxury, but a good idea!)

Anyway, I love this game regardless and cannot wait for more!! You are doing an amazing job! The story is captivating and all the characters are fun. I enjoy the interactions between the characters and I LOVE the random drama/events that occur around town! I will definitely be playing this game over and over. :)

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Hi! I noticed something weird when I unzipped the demo file, and thought I should bring it to your attention, just in case.

Pretty much winrar says that this file: Caramel_Mokaccino_-_Alpha_Demo-all\game\images\sprites\julieta\"bounce down"- .textClipping
had to be changed to: Caramel_Mokaccino_-_Alpha_Demo-all\game\images\sprites\julieta\_bounce down_- .textClipping.

Will this affect the game?