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Fantastic, clever, very graceful stuff. Very smart. Is this another experiment as part of a mechanic for a larger game? Always interested in your work.

rly beautiful game, & i loved the design, how well it felt like balancing convos on AIM and stuff. a lot of hidden work in there that feels so easy! i got a little tripped up on the password stuff near the end but otherwise everything felt so easy and clear and the story unwound so nice. 

and the story was nice. i rly appreciate the characterization of Laguna, im rly glad she was in there. good game. thx so much

1st playthrough was sik -- some rly cool stories and fun interface/structure that draws you in (im thinking especially of Frame 4078(was that the number???)).

i rly like the way the framing story puts the stories in certain contexts, so you aren't just going through them completely randomly.

rly good and unique!

rly creative bitsy work, that shit sux :(

the worst i ever got was some dude telling me "im mad homophobic, but i respect you for doing you" and then telling me to punch ppl in the face if they "mess with you for being gay", so.

i rly liked this work! i think it did a lot of cool stuff with the tools, and rly felt like something that it *took* bitsy to properly tell, instead of like something hampered by the parameters of bitsy, if that makes sense

fantastic teaching tool, especially for a jam game (i kno id get all up in my head about if im going abt it right before id even get to the coding (which i cant do anyway lol)). wld love 2 see a version that keeps going!

nah its no problem at all, happy to pay u more 4 this incredible thing. this game is precious & important & and shld be protected & archived somewhere

today i tried to buy this game for a friend and i accidentally bought it again for myself but its chill bc this game deserves it

fantastic stuff. i thought the way you laid out contradictions within capitalism thru tarot ("the futures capitalism has closed off") was elegant. the tarot art was elegant. the graphical art was elegant. the way the city moved felt organic. the way you couldnt do everything alone. and it made me hopeful again.
a v good gift

love when u go for that cute stuff (my fav game of yrs is hi no homo). cool mechanic, wld love to see it explored even further, i think its got a lot of different directions u cld take it in!

this means something very good 2 me.

i think u have done something particular with this medium where u have made not just good storytelling, but good storytelling *specifically* for twine.  and it is good storytelling.

i hope yr rly proud of this game, i think its fantastic. i think its rly wonderful.

wow very good. i loved the way the story unfolded, and how the subtle physical elements of the story pushed the words into different places.

into it! ive thought of utilizing dress-up mechanics in a larger game scheme before (but i have no coding or drawing skill so its tables for now lol), and i like the way u did it here.

the little bits about each article of clothing was a beautiful touch. i liked the way u werent afraid to let the character have ideas she disagreed with later!

thought this was rly cool, cld see this explored from a lot of different directions

haha this game is good

not to assume yr preparing another big release a la Red Strings Club, but if u r (something with aliens, in line with 11.45??) im excited. Cool game, cool concept, although i couldn't figure out how to get out of my truck once im in it

intrinsically satisfying game mechanic, unexpected emotion, classic heather flowers look. game is "that tasty juice, that good thirst quenching juice"

this game is communist 10/10

easily the most underrated game ive played on this website. why is no one talking about this game

I love my frieeeeeeeeends