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my head actually hurts when the graphics turned distort.... (when the story becomes bad?)

Hi! this game seems cool, i'v only played for a little bit. i have a thing  to say though. I personally like the Japanese voice actors more than the English ones, so I'd love if the characters spoke Japanese but it has English translations. Is that too much? :\

Oh my god... This VN is so good. Like seriously. I've only played Rod and Karma atm, but I  am not getting bored of it. The visuals are so pretty, so deserved to be called visual novels. The story is really good, the characters are amazing, the story & character progression too! I love it so much. I have yet to play Rumpel, Fritz and Waltz!

A thing that I found your VN different from others are the choices. I chose what I thought is the best (which is the generic nice ones) but I was wrong. Sometimes, you just have to be a little aggressive but I would understand why you would make it like that. Keep making more visual novels!!! I love you so much!!!

These characters really do make me feel lonely xD

Thanks for replying!~ I think that having low memory might be the reason, but I'm glad you took the time to read my comments. I'll try playing again and deleting some of my unused files.

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This is an amazing game! I don't really play games but I really love this one! I'm looking forward for the full version even though I might can't afford it :P Good job guys! (One more thing, I'm editing this twice, my game keeps close unexpectedly! It's so annoying and eventhough I saved the game, all of the data or files are gone... T.T Please do something about it...)

Also this game reminds me so much of Fullmetal Alchemist like the anime, somehow... Maybe because of military styled survival thing lol