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portal + demon slayer for the win

Awesome game seems a coplete release, would love to buy it on a store

awesome game really addicting in a positive way

would we awesome to unlock an endless mode after beating it

awesome, little punishing neat mechanics and everything. Really nice

Awesome game in everything, it would be even more awesome if we could add custom .txt files a folder to play later

Really a good game, would like even more a mobile port

It makes the fans go 100% in. Need fix


it says "error analising the content". I really wanted to play this

nice idea

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Four quarters never disappoints

awesome game

I love this concept but I think it would be boring in the long time è dotato di una funzione per i porting sulla pagina stessa del gioco, non c'è bisogno di farne 2

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how many meme culture references you put in there?

Is it no more available on the play store?

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you emulate windows idk

is this a jojo reference