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Failed Sleep

A member registered Aug 28, 2016

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Thank you for replying. Any hint when we can see a second version?

I liked this game, interesting enough I had problems my first time playing it, as it saw my controller even though it was not plugged in. The Intro lets you complete it with mouse, but as soon as day 1 starts you seem to need a controller.

Interesting concept game. It took me a couple plays to understand what I needed to do. Still didn't do it well. But you can see my 2nd attempt at:

Excellent game, really enjoyed it. Looking forward to buying the full version ;)

Bravo, brought me back to the older days. Loved the TOS interface, had to make a video of it ;)

That's my result as well. Still 1 strike.

Played and enjoyed your game, though I did get 3 copyright strikes on the music included in the game :(

Thank you for the new knowledge, and good effort on this game. Do you think you will be updating it in the future?

I enjoyed your game, wasn't any good at it, but I enjoyed it anyways. Looking forward to the full version ;)

I enjoyed the game, though I had problems with the oxygen leak part.

I am curious with your decision to need to move the in game cursor using arrow keys instead of the mouse. Was that a issue with the program you made the game in? Or was it something you specifically added too make the job feel more montonus?

Sorry, fixed that.

I enjoyed this game. Had a weird frame rate issue at the start, but then got to really liking the challenges presented. Thank you.

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Interesting idea for a game, feels like you put a lot of effort into making it. I Started by making a short game play video:

Ended up making a bit of a series out of it, more videos every day this week.

I had a go at your game, a bit difficult to select the words, when they were close to the chair. Thanks for sharing this with us.

I did, but now I feel so bad, no right choice, unless I missed something. I figured just closing the game without making a choice was me choosing not to fire any of them.

Sorry it'll be available in the morning.

I played it too. Had lots of fun, and only 2 heart flutters.

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Liked playing your game, I will have a let's play uploaded in soon.

Interesting game, with tough decisions. Thank you for taking the time to make this game.

I think this is an neat game, though I am having problems playing it, as it wants to be in a small window on a black background. Is there anyway to make this game take up more of my screen?

The video is public now. Hope I have not given you a new person to put in your game:

Arrested For: Posting a Let's Play Video ( Private )

Occupation: YouTube Noob

Final Statement: I'll try harder to not make the same mistake next time. I WANT TO LIVE!

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Had a Blast ... hahaha ... get it ... Looking forward to the full version

Enjoyed this game, short but neat concept. Made a video for those who do not have macOS.

I feel so old :| Thanks for the game

Interesting game, found 3 of the endings, saving the rest for other people to find.

Well this strikes another job options of the table :( Fun game though.

Tiny room, vertigo, and a button, what more can I say ... lol

Interesting game, made a video, hope you have a great day

Had a good laugh, made a video, have a great day.

Interesting game idea, filled with promise. I think you could add some more to this and make it into game worth buying.

Thanks guys.

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My speed run play through of Supercontinent Ltd. It only took 1 command, and a total game play time of 2 minutes 25 seconds to complete.

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My complete play through of this game has just been uploaded to YouTube. It is divided up into 3 videos for a total time of just over 34 minutes.

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Enjoyed your game. I decided to try it for ten minutes, ended up finishing the game.

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First 10 Minutes of Playing

I think you guys should try making another game or two in this series. Keep up the good work ;)

Enjoyed your game, well done. Made me think more then I expected.

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