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Thanks so much for all your help! Just re-purchased at the Toru demo tier ($48.99) and I'm loving it. This will definitely tide me over until the full game is out 

Okay, thank you!

I have a similar question to the other two asked. A year ago I purchased the preorder for $30. Is there any way I can pay $19.99 to have access to the Toru beta without paying all over again ($49.99)? When I clicked buy and input $19.99 it wouldn't let me and said I had to make a minimum purchase of $28.99 to buy the full game (that file is already unlocked for me) and $49.99 to have access to the Toru beta (that file was grayed out unless I entered $49.99). 

Yeah I tried to watch it too. Said the video was removed by YouTube for violating their nudity/sexual content policy. 

I pre-ordered. Wanted to just say keep up the great work and thank you for making such a wonderful game!

Just curious: are you thinking about making physical copies available for purchase? I will definitely pre-order the digital download for myself but I would like to give the gift of BL come the holiday release season.