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Gosh my hand is tingling from nerves and focus. Was juuust forgiving enough that I felt in control but weird enough that I was terrified at all times. The little touches in this game really count. The fact that neutral is between Drive and Reverse despite being useless, seemingly just to annoy you when trying to do two point turns. Halfway through writing this I just saw in the tutorial page that there were checkpoints.... Guess I'm just that gamer. Oh also, being able to stick ur head out is amazing. This rocks.

I would call it 'Truck Heck' huh? Who said that?
I would call it ' Trucker Stucker' cus u get stuck on stuff and it sounds like sucker. Idk don't use this it's bad.

I was interviewing another creator once when they said something that stuck with me: "The more specific you get, the more universal that thing becomes."

There are areas of this game that are vague and others that are hyper specific. It is because of this that I think it is so affecting. Every line of this game feels quoted from my own life, and yet, it is clear that the events that happened to you aren't even remotely similar to the events that happened to me. This game means a very different thing to me than to others, and that will be true for everyone.

I actually first played this game around August of last year, and I played it with the person who I can't help but think about when I play it again. They were a person I loved back then, they wouldn't be for much longer.

Thank you for this game. It hurt me. A lot. I'll cherish it.

Snow Hack community · Created a new topic Wow 4!

Time to perform one of my favorite verbs. Crawl

This is so harrrrd ahhhhhhhhhh

This is *also* genius however. I'm imagining Sisyphus golfing rn and it's helping.

I think that if you are reading this comment then you should play this game. It is more than worth your time.

Cute as hell! Ghosts remind me of mob psycho 100 lmao. This was perfect to play just before bed.

This is literally me in the GDS room when I whip out my deck of cards

Please don't tell me there is more after covering the whole table. I've been here for so long. I'm literally dying here

I'm... what? H-how??

So I saw on my itch analytics that someone had found my game Basilisk by searching "MEGASTRUCTURE", and I was bored so I search up megastructure too. This game right here turns up, it is called Threshold...

I JUST MADE A GAME CALLED THRESHOLD TOO just a month or two ago. So I'm like yooo who is this MF who called their thing Threshold and likes megastructures just like me?


Anyway I'm downloading this now. Very excited.

Certainly is a Flesh Game innit

Holy damn this is sick. Really captures that movie hacker vibe. bizarrely shaped sunglasses, two keyboards, overly dramatic cuts and all. Good fun.

As someone who works in a tea store this is accurate to my everyday duties

:0 so pretty! This is real cool!! I like the little fish especially. Look at him go

There is a god mode run of this game where you don't place blocks until after the rain starts falling. It is possible. I believe

Only just bought this. But taking a leaf through the different worksheets, this is amazing!

Your work saved me


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Me and a few friends sat in voice chat together while I steamed this to them. We spent an hour pouring over possible symbolism, themes, and ideas. But the game just seemed to almost reject interpretation. The way this game can feel like so much whilst being so little is mesmerising. Lovely little game. 

Wonderful, worth every second of my time, and it will likely swim in my mind for a long time afterwards.

Just finished the Demo. Anyone who reads this, KEEP THIS ON YOUR RADAR. This is so promising so far, I cannot wait to play the finished product. This team deserves all the support they can get! <3