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2020 changed everything. The bad stuff was already there... but before, people were used to it. And I can't believe I'm saying this, given who I am and who I've been in my life, but I'm ready to believe in something.

My name is Mary Carpenter. I go by May. My true name is Red. And I'm a Deck Runner.

Wreck This Deck was so legitimately inspiring to me that I went and hand-bound the pre-print version my friend showed me. This game is rough, it's ready, and it's here to remind you what play - real play - feels like.

It feels like making something new.

If you'd like to hear an example of play, I recorded a play session based on my first reading. If you're into magic, witchcraft, fortunetelling, creative play, or character roleplaying at all, it's worth your time to check this game out. Find a deck (storebought is fine) and start creating.

Blessed are the Deck Runners.

See you on the other side.

Price raise?! Hell yes. I'm halfway through, and it's worth WAY more than ten bucks. Bought it again just to support yall! Thank you for making an awesome game.

and here I thought there was a DM feature on, whoops!! It's sent!

thank you for linking that!!

I got the 8 out of 8 things needed and the yellow cat door opened- but I couldn't enter the doorway! Something was blocking me at the doorsill. any way to jump past that or noclip? I'd like to see what the secret is

I noticed that if you exit at stage end, and then click in to the level you just finished and hit return to main menu, it marks that stage as complete and unlocks the next area! At least, that worked for me a few times