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Hi there! Running in the game was disabled to make certain aspects of the game more tense and scary (otherwise it would be too easy to circumvent them).

Hi there! I' sorry about that - the same thing has been brought up on our Ludum Dare page by a few folks, so we're aware of the issue. The control scheme is as it is because we had developed the game with the side intent of it being playable on the Winnitron, which carries with it some unusual mappings. We didn't have time to make more dynamic mappings prior to releasing the game for LD though, so that's why they're that way.

This was really cool! If it was an LD47 game, don't forget to link to your LD page, I'd love to rate it!

Hey, sorry, I'm not too sure how to help if its crashing on opening. That's likely an engine issue (RPG Maker) rather than an in-game bug issue. We tested the build on our Mac again without an issue... wondering if maybe it's due to a different OSX version.

Hi, really sorry about the late reply -- the email about the comment got dropped in my Junk mail for some reason.

Is it crashing during gameplay, or crashing upon opening?

Haha, I felt silly because I had to download my own game to help troubleshoot. (I haven't actually touched it in years)

So, a couple questions, to clarify...
1. You're able to open the menu with "X" or "Escape" or by right-clicking, correct? If so, can you get to the "Equip" option without problems?

2. Do you have one of the following items: Fedora, Black Coat, or Flower Dress? Just checking as those are the only equippable items. If so, you should be able to equip via the Equip menu by selecting what body part to equip to, and then selecting what you'd like to equip.

I hope this helps, I'm not entirely sure what the specific issue is, so not sure what directly to recommend. Let me know if you still need help!

Hey! Sorry for the slow reply - what type of problem are you having? 

Fed him the noodle. Then fed him the table. Then fed him my remote. I think I won.

Haha, thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Hi there -- at the time we released "Hope, Abandoned" to play on Itch a couple years ago, RPG Maker MV didn't have an option that allowed us to build for Linux. While it has since gained that ability in the past year, I've been debating if I wanted to go back and try a Linux build, and I'm just unsure at this juncture as we don't have a Linux setup to test it out in.

I'm giving it some consideration, though just don't have the available time right now to do so. If that changes, I'll reply to your comment once again to give you the heads up. In the meantime though, I apologize that the Windows and Mac builds are the only way to reliably play.

Hey, I'm glad you're enjoying it! Off the top of my head, I'm not entirely sure why it would be stopping you from saving, but it might depend on where you're attempting it. Can you save at all? Or is it a problem that only happens in a certain location?

Bahahahaha! Congrats on finding the secret, you disturbed person, you!

Really late response on this, I apologize, but I'm glad you enjoyed the game! Also, hahaha, congrats on finding the secret!

Yep, you got it~! There's a... "secret" condition that will slightly alter the text at the very end of the game, but it's mostly a "for fun" thing and not related to the story so much. And we're really glad to hear you enjoyed it! :)

Hey, thanks for playing! It actually wasn't a softlock to go to the right -- the trigger that allows you to go through the vent is only enabled after you attempt to leave the room for the first time (which is when you first encounter the monster). And yeeeaaahh, we realized a bit after the fact that being able to recognize the messed up photos was kinda confusing, haha. That said, we've seen some comedy gold responses to how it was confusing, so ultimately worth it, in a way.

Hope you enjoyed it!

Thanks for playing, and thank you for the Let's Play! :) Sorry that it took forever to get back to you!

Sorry for the late reply, but I wanted to thank you for playing and I'm glad you enjoyed it! I thought it would be fun to use the "equipment" for something different, so I'm happy you liked that!

Hey, apologies for the late reply! Thanks for playing through, and I'm glad you enjoyed it! Fantastic Let's Play, and great job on making it to safety! :)

Haha, thanks for the Let's Play! Looking forward to watching through it!

Hey, thanks for playing! I'm looking forward to watching through it! :)

Thank you very much for the playthrough! We're glad to hear you enjoyed it! :)

Awesome!! Thank you for playing through it, I'm excited to watch the Let's Play! :)

Thank you so much! We're glad you enjoyed it!

Wow, thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it! :)

Hey, sorry about that! There's actually no ability to Dash in the game, else it would make the chase scenes too easy. There's a different way to get through the room, but you'll need to look around. I'm hoping to release an update to the game within a few days to remove any references to Dash so that it doesn't confuse folks.

Thank you so much for your playthrough and comments! We enjoyed watching you play, and wanted to point out that you've got a great voice, haha. Glad you enjoyed playing it!

Hi! Apologies for not getting back to you earlier! While we do appreciate the offer, I don't think we're interested in pursuing a translation for the game at this time. We don't have the resources to support the task right now, unfortunately. But thank you!


Hey, thank you so much for the kind words ! We really appreciate that! We're glad you enjoyed the game, and hope to put out something else in the future that you might enjoy!

Thank you for the kind words! I'm glad you enjoyed it! :)
And haha, yep, seems like the numbers section was definitely a tough puzzle! Already got me thinking of how to make it slightly more transparent without just giving it away.

Hi there! The game was made in RPG Maker MV.

Thanks for the review on it! I'm glad you enjoyed playing, and I agree that there needs to be more information on the father's motivations... which is why we're working on an extended version of the game! We're hoping to have some details soon.

Oh man, that's awesome! Thanks for playing our game, it was surreal to watch someone playing it online. I'm glad you enjoyed it, and we were rooting for you to make it through! Watching you play provided us with some great feedback on it too, so thanks for that!

Avast appears to flag as "ds#dynagennb;algo" and then quarantines it.

Upon un-quarantining it, doesn't appear to run due to lack of data folder.