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i've got the same issue, not sure how to fix it

i dont remember if i commented before but i am just as utterly enamored with this game as when i first played it <3 <3 i love jam and alexandre so much

This is a very beautiful game! Just to let you know, I have encountered some bugs/glitches. In Vesper, Kensho, and Itsuki's portraits, I kept pressing new dialogue trees and having old responses come back up/clicking on old questions that reappeared randomly and receiving new answers. Also, in Kensho's portrait, when I picked one question, I got an error that wouldn't allow me to press any buttons/affect the game in any way. I think it said runtime error? And there was a command prompt at the bottom, but I couldn't type in it. ( > [blinking cursor] )

Despite these glitches, I really did enjoy the game. Listening to other trans people talk about their experiences with gender and perception of gender is utterly invaluable. Thank you for making this!

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Weird. I've definitely fully played through a couple and got no indication they gave me anything. One of the games also just... doesn't let me exit it when I lose, so I have to quit Dujanah entirely

I assume you have to play the arcade games but I've tried all of them and there's no indication of gaining anything??? Menu says I have 1 token but IDK if you start with that or if I acquired it without noticing. Any hint/help would be appreciated.

i love this so very very much. thank you for writing it.

is this a solo game or is it meant to be multiplayer?

what's the recommended playercount?

what's the recommended playercount?

is this meant to be two-player?

what's the recommended playercount?

can this be played solo?

what is the recommended player count for this game?

what's the recommended player count?

what's the recommended playercount for this game?

This is meant to be singleplayer, right?

What's the recommended playercount/can it be played singleplayer?


What's the recommended playercount for this/can it be played singleplayer?

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What's the recommended playercount/can it be run singleplayer?

yeah. yeah. my head feels light. hi hello good morning

dude i literally LOVED this game so so much, it's one of my favorites i've found in the bundle so far. jam and alexandre are both so funny, i will kiss them on tha cheek. the [spoilers] demon in the lounge is actually so fuckin creepy. 10/10, i love this game, thank u so much for making it,

genuinely... holy shit. please was surreal and grotesque and eerie and, during that last sequence, i [SPOILERS] genuinely felt like my vision was going blurry. the use of sound was fantastic and set my teeth on edge. i loved this. thank you for making it.

This is the second game I've found in the Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality that addresses trans experiences, and I loved every second of it. Happening upon games that talk about trans people openly and positively makes my heart burst with happiness. Thank you for making this game.

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what a fantastic game! i absolutely loved this. the way the story trickled out into the player's hands was wonderful. thank you so much for making sagebrush.

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Hi, is there a settings menu?? I can't figure out how to bring one up if it exists & my mouse sensitivity for this bad boy is wayyyyyy high. Also, I don't know how to save the game? Or leave it

this game was SUCH a pleasure to play!! i love the kids so much & wide ocean big jacket was so pleasantly not-superficial--while they were still having fun and the tone was light-hearted, there were also the more serious, grounding aspects like [spoilers] Cloanne & Mord's Talk, Cloanne and Brad's kid discussion, and the adults changing how they talk for the kid's sake (I'm thinking especially of a dialogue between Ben and Brad, when Brad says something like "big mistake" and it comes off wrong and Brad backtracks to fix it)

it was just... a nice experience. i loved it.

this was so utterly beautiful. thank you for making this.

just finished all of what's currently available and god, this game is phenomenal. i love every character & feel for their experiences. the gameplay is fun, the quests are engaging, the story is well-written--i'm so, so impressed. thank you so much for making such a wonderful game!! i'm desperately excited for the final chapter. :)

okok so i finished the game after puzzling my way through the terminal commands (i'm... less computer literate than i thought i was, lmao) and i'm here to share some thoughts!

so first and foremost: i am SO impressed with this game. alex is such a real, heartwarming character, and as a trans man myself i relate to her experiences of discovering herself. seeing creative projects that talk about the trans experience fills my heart, and this game nearly made me cry.

something laguna said--"people who aren't like us straight-up just don't think about that shit"--is in sentiment identical to the tumblr post that made me realize i was trans (something like "cis people don't wonder if they're trans) so seeing that in-game felt really true & real.

and [SPOILERS] my most favorite part of SLH was the "is here for you" messages on the last day. that was really what nearly brought me to tears. it just filled me with so much happiness.

thank you for making this game! it means so much to me. thank you.