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Great to know, thanks! :)

What's the minimum # of players needed to start the game? I can't quite tell from the documentation. Is a player needed for each of the listed playbooks or are those just listed as examples for roles to fill? Thanks for the work you put in! 

This is a gorgeous game with a lovely, meditative atmosphere. I've ended up with some really interesting combinations so far. One of my partners said it was kind of like a procgen tarot, and I agree that it feels that way. Wonderful job!

I've run into a bug that I can reproduce both in the downloaded client, in Chrome Version 80.0.3987.132, and Firefox 73.0.1 (all on Windows 10).

  • If you click on "About", "Modes", or "Content" more than once, it loads more than one instance of the content. Content will remain on the page, even when going to "Play". 
  • Multiple instances of "About" will disappear if I click on "Modes", but not on "Content" and only will sometimes disappear if I click on "Play". 
  • Multiple instances of "Modes" will condense down into one extra instance when you click on "Play", which ends up in an extra, non-working instance that remains there while I play a working instance of the game.
  • Multiple instances of "Content" will disappear if I click on "Modes" or "Play", but not on "About".

I think that's everything and I hope it was clear enough. Thank you again for this beautiful experience.