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I put a notice in the description at the top. Free time has been hard to come by sadly :/

Sorry currently not thinking about adding multiplayer

Hey, Lumos Maxima and Accio are definitely planned. Expecto Patronum is possible but no current plans.

Hi, I started working on a few new things but sadly slowly. I really don't know when development will pick but there quite a few things I want to do with this game. One them is considering whether to revamp the movement and give customization. Otherwise I have ideas for new features that I already started work on but there's no ETA. 

I do plan on making it a bigger game, but I've been starved for time with work and all. I'm hoping to pick up development in July.

Hey sorry it took a while to respond, I got really busy yesterday. Glad to know it's working now.

Incendio is cast on the torches on the wall in the maze, the aiming may be a bit tricky though

Concerning the teleoprt, it's touch pad up click on WMR, if it's not working could you check the Steam VR controller bindings? 

Concerning the spells, make sure your microphone is selected in your Windows settings and make sure the game window is focused

I currently don't no. Sorry about that!

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Have you tried adding the game to steam as a non-steam game?

Since I can't add a quest controller to the game. 

Hey, I wanted to ask. Are you using Oculus Link or Virtual desktop?

Alright I think I know the issue, but I'm not at home rn. So it's gotta wait till tonight or tomorrow. 

Can you give me your device details, and what controllers you're using? Also have you tried changing Steam VR's controls?

Hi, I would love to build for the Quest but I don't currently own one. If I can borrow one from someone I know, then I'll definitely build for the Quest.

Glad to know to worked! 

Hopefully soon I'll get the time to add more content

Hi there, I updated hopefully it works. I can't test on my own since I don't have an oculus device

Hi, thanks for letting me know. I'm going to look into this and hopefully push an update in the next couple of days.