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To me it's okay if it's extra content, perhaps because I don't really consider mobile as a true gaming platform but people may find it an easier platform to monetize so... I'd say it's equally important from the perspective of someone trying to find what kind of business works best them

Thank you very much! Very encouraging words, maybe they'll get more time in the spotlight someday...

Yeah, I think it's not an experience for everyone, in fact I'd be worried if this was something everyone could relate to, haha. Thanks a lot for playing, maybe in the future you'll get to play something from me that's more of your taste... maybe.

Thank you for trying my little game! I think that the time the loading bar appears will depend on the machine the game is being played on, I guess that with a little more time I could've tried to get rid of the loading bar but I'd need a lot of testing to avoid hang-ups or potential errors from assets not loading on time.

Too high praise... but I'll take it! I'm truly happy that you enjoyed it and thank you very much for playing!

What more can you ask of life? ha

Haha, thanks for playing! The glass part was meant to be confusing (for obvious reasons) but I do think some refining would've been a lot better.

Thank you for taking the time to play it! I'd have loved to be able to make a bigger story but in the time I had it'd have been a diluted experience.

The mouse movement got tiring but that worked to me as a way to immerse myself into the mind of an egg fighting for its life against the unholy fruity hordes. Nice one!

I see noir, I click noir! :D

The other commenters have pretty much summed up my experience with the game. I liked the background art too and I expected enemies to come out of every corner and maybe they will in a future version! With more time I know you can add more combos, enemies and animations that can add the variety to make this game a lot better. 

Good job!

Thank you for playing! I really appreciate it!

Thank you very much for playing! I'd call it a great success if you had even a modicum of fun!

I'm already getting valuable information from this, it's making me think about how I go about properly setting the foundations of a project. I'm eagerly waiting for more.

I'm using windows 10. Spent more than 3 hs on a font, tried exporting the ttf but I got an error, saved the file, closed the program to try to see if it was a silly bug, only to realize, when I started the program again, that nothing was saved. Tried doing the usual, running as administrator but the same... I just want to shoot myself in the balls.