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Played this after "The Man From The Window" and "The Vermander's Curse", and I love your gamedev style (the characters, the animation style, the gameplay mechanics)! :)

I wonder one thing though: If a big part of society in your games are humanoid animals, doesn't that make the restaurant partially cannibalistic?

This game was interesting...I loved the way you showed us the truth on how radios are made! :)

This is a fun game :)

I really enjoyed this game (and the original version, SUPERHOT) :)

This was a fun game :)

This was a nice game, I love the art style! :)

I really love this game, even more than "The man in the window"

I enjoyed the unique gameplay mechanic of having a time limit without being rushed too much :)

I really liked this game! :)

This was an interesting game for sure!

You truly managed to make an interesting game about the scariest thing in the world: TAXES

I loved the graphics! Keep up the good work! :)

I'm a huge fan of Bioshock, this was a fun game capturing the feel of rapture pretty well! I was a little overwhelmed with the puzzles sometimes, though(due to my own stupidity). Keep the good work up! :)

Enjoyed the game, though I did struggle a bit at the final ending. It's a great game, especially for being your first game! Keep the good work up! :)

Found all endings, nice game!

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Thanks for telling me. I was playing with the thought of including a method or permanent part of the UI with the rules, but forgot about it later on. Regarding sound, I can see that it could've been better using that, however, it is beyond my skill and knowledge on how to include sound, given its nature of being a console application, though I did try to look into it in previous projects (which aren't on itch), it seemed too complex for me at the time.