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Perhaps a dumb question but I haven't played many Mark Of The Odd games- is this standalone or does it require the old or new books?

Oh, I look forward to progress, but take your time! Thanks for being so vocal about that kinda thing! 

I'm so excited to see an update that I can't help but keep returning to this  page!

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I just found this not too long ago and it's perfect for my needs! 

Strikes a really good balance between straightforward easy-to-grasp mechanics and spot-on fallout feel, especially compared to most other Fallout TTRPGS.  I'm very excited to see more content going forward.

Excellent work!

Oh heck yeah! Thanks, I'm excited to check out this and your other stuff!

This might be a dumb question, so excuse me if it is! 

But are there any Community copies to be added? 

Oh, also. For the Sample Bestiary- the Gang Enforcer, Space Pirate Captain, and Large Battle droid have blank Description/Tactic/Critical Damage entries. Was this intentional?

Dude, this is SO cool! Exactly the kind of game I was looking for actually, even down to the inspirations. Not to mention it being free! Awesome work, I'm loving this a lot so far!

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Also, under mechanics 1, it says "There are other options for rolling regarding Roleplaying Skills on page 6. ", but page 6 is the preface. Hope this helps, I'll keep looking out, really enjoying my read so far!

Oh, found one! The Void Jester enemy's tactics seem to be a copy of the Flesh Knight's!

WOW, I love this so far! My only tick I have is about waiting for more future content to be made, that's how good the stuff already in the game is- I keep wanting more! (in a very positive way.)

In short; very nice game! 

I fourth this, ahaha!

An awesome hack! I love all the effort that has gone into it.

Awesome, thank you!
Just snagged one, I'm excited to read through it.

Greetings! I tried to message you on twitter about maybe receiving a community copy, but I think you have the setting that prevents someone who isn't verified (didn't pay) from messaging you- Eithercase, I'd be very interested in the game!

Sorry to message here, wasn't sure where else I could let you know about this!

Ooh, heck yeah! Awesome stuff.

Does anyone know if a character sheet for this exists?

Ooh, wow! I really dig this, awesome work!

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Ah, understood! I'm luckily no stranger to hacking so I'll see to it once I'm able to snag a copy for myself as, my intentions aside, these rules sound quite helpful to have regardless- thank you!

Does this contain anything/work for aerial/hover vehicles- At the most extreme, spaceships? Been trying to find something that could work for a more galaxy-spanning campaign I'm working on!