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Uhm~ we don't support save editor/cheat at the moment ;3 but if you encounter any bugs just let me know

Did you open your save from earlier than v0.0.4? It might be that we've had an overhaul in v0.0.4 and you'd need a clean save from after that version, maybe try starting a new game?

I think the current patch is fine? Wouldn't be too buggy at least. Can you elaborate on what kind of bug(s) you are encountering so I can fix it?

I think it's fixed in the latest patch? Please let me know if the problem persists~!

It is currently intentional(?) because I didn't know how to code it at the time the inventory system was made, but I plan to revamp it later on~

Spoiler But basically...

Finish the Rolling Stone quest with at least one option favouring Sebas~

Sorry to hear~ I've fixed it in the latest patch! But I'll reupload the file just in case~

it should be v0.0.12 I think~

Try downloading the newest patch! And sorry again for the bug.

Thank you sooo much for letting me know! I'll fix it by this development cycle!

Ey! There's a poll for picking characters scenes every once in a while, check it out if you're interested! Ole is really cool and I wish to make such scene in the future haha! There's already a few ideas that I've been planning for :3

Ah I'm sorry to hear~! I didn't want to give too much restriction on player's level. (If you continue with the "ded ending" you can restart the quest before sebas calls for the adventure. In later quests I'll refrain from "dead ending" and give you option to leave and try again! (apart from like, major battle, which you'd still be advised to make a new save) :3 

ah~ would you be able to see a new arrow around woodland outpost?

ah! I think~ if you can get the latest version of this update, it'll be fixed!

Sorry to hear! But I think the rng should be pretty reasonable? (it's 40% chance) you can also equip a certain trinket to increase the drop chance!

yep its not a quest!

Sorry Sorry! It's a typo! I'll fix it next update!

DAwww! Well I'm glad you liked the game haha! If you gotta flirt, being naked is one of the better strategy indeed! (and eye candy for your opponent :3)

the one above is v0.0.11, you can't use saves from v0.0.12 to load v0.0.11 games~ I'll check it but i think you'll need the latest version of v0.0.12

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If you're in v0.0.12, try downloading the newest version! The bug should be fixed by now~

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If you're in v0.0.12, try downloading the newest version! The bug should be fixed by now~

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hello~ no it doesn't! The requirements for triggering it was 1. After you talk to Amble/Jog about the werewolf, 2. Before the Wuldon quest begins. If you meet those requirement, you have a 30% chance of meeting him in the field :p

If you can't meet Wuldon, please check if you've talked to Amble/Jog, or if the quest is already active in the Journal Page.

Hope that helps~

Hey! It's the cgs with learning from Amble and Jog. You might have encountered them already, but with the new gallery I changed to code a bit so you'd have to unlock them again! Sorry about it!

hey! you can try redownloading the new patch~ maybe there's some bugs that I've fixed.

If you can't meet wuldon, maybe it's a bug~ try the newest version and see if it helps!

It's a fan-made guide! it's in the itch page, near the "click this patreon" button.

Alternatively though, here's the Link

HHHHHey! I'm back from Christmas thing. Did a cool check with the code.

1. It should work fine now :p I think I originally had an idea of combining the two slots into one single type. But uh, I think it'll be difficult code wise to mess with the system. (But then I forgot I changed it somehow~...)

2. Added! Somehow forgot about it totally~

3. My code logic wasn't very good at that point aaa, fixed in next patch~ 

4. I thought of it because he'd be much less stronger if you have no mana, though it probably fits him lore-wise, I'll change him next patch

5. Weird, though I'd say the bag is not intended to be there for all clothes, (it'd probably makes sense for him to not wear his bag while in Armor?)

6. Oh! Sorry about it, I've done the trinket inventory check but forgot about equipment... Thank you soooo much for letting me know!!!

7. RIP... fixed though

8. Ah, I'll revamp the item menu next patch!

9. Oh damn, that's a rare bug and... idk what causes it, maybe it's side? I'll see if I can fix it though, for the next patch! 

Thank you so much for listing the bugs again! I'm just grateful for you to help bug proof the game, (though bugs pops up like every patches because I'm clumsy as hell, I really think it helps with my code and I hope to make the future patches as few bugs as possible! Thank you so much agian! <3

Ey! I'm really sorry for the bug~ The patch is fixed now! Try downloading it again and it should work fine~

Try accessing it through SD:/Android/data/com.{gamename}.program/files/saves/ :3

Hope this helps~

For now most dungeons are quest-dependent~ try out the guide above to see which quest leads to which dungeons :p Hope I can help~

Ey! Sorry for the bug~ The patch is fixed now! Try downloading it again and it should work fine~

Sorry! The spam has been here like daily and I'm deleting/banning/reporting them but they keep coming back~ I'll uh keep the comments clean though.

Slime dungeon are accessed through werewolf's questline~ Start quest in Lusterfield after saving Vurro~ (Only in Vurro Path for now)

heya! Thank you for the bug report! Again~ I'm very grateful aaaaa~

I've fixed some of them~ including the wuldon thing... in the farm... (i've set up the requirement wrongly when I copied it from the early access version ;v )

But I've got to eat something first so I'll do a comprehensive bug check in an hour~

Thank you so much, you are right! I put in the code last second and forgot to check it beforehand! New Build will come out soon!!

Normally they are both available at the same time, and these two quests are needed for the goat invasion quest to happen~

damn damn! I'm not sure~ it's an early quest so I don't know if it's a problem of my part. I'll be sure to check though~

hmm maybe you've already finished the quest? You can only get the goat invasion quest after rolling stone~ It's the one with kicking sebas~

Ey~ you can start the quest after meeting lothar in the tavern (at night)

sorry for the error! It was fixed in the latest patch~

Hey~ Check out Claw's Quest Guide on the page. You can also ask me any specific questions~