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Hey! Hopefully you haven't encountered a bug, there are two outfit that needs to be worn for the choices to appear, headwear and clothes, please do let me know if it still doesn't work!

Thanks for commenting! There should be an unofficial guide on the page above!

it should be unlocked after completing 2-3 of his beer task, and working in the private rooms.

The Card Game and Pirkka should be able to be accessed on the upper floor, it is also unlocked after completing Cane's beer task!

Currently nothing happens but I do plan for there to be a "consequence" eventually like what low purity does to certain scenes!

are you on 0.0.22 or 0.0.23? The bug should be fixed on 0.0.23!

Ah sorry! It was not tested on Linux so we might have missed that, we will fix it next patch!

I will try to improve upon the performance by downscaling some large images in the next patch! Hopefully it will fix the issue!

Thanks for letting me know! I'll fix it next patch!

sorry! The bug is fixed now!

you might need to find haskell and do enough of his tasks :p 

you might need to power through the thief with more agility, can use an agility potion or armor to boost it a little!

about the puzzle, I don't want to spoil the answer right away, but you can scroll down the page and take a look at W3r3 W0lf 's comment. Also, the dark forest quest is not completed yet, it will be completed when the werewolf questline is finished.

关于这个难题,我不想立即破坏答案,但您可以向下滚动页面并查看 W3r3 W0lf 的评论。

You may wear some more agi armors or get an accuracy potion :p 

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It should be fixed now! Thanks for letting me know! And I'll take a look at the android lag situation :p

Oh! Thanks for letting me know! The time was messed up after extending the voting duration this patch! Sorry about this, it should be fixed in a new patch now.

Oh shit! I thought I could trigger the quest when I tested it, so sorry about this and thanks for letting me know!! :0 I'll fix asap

Beating the goats will sometimes drop the cashmere :p

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You should be able to find him after completing Amble's "Landshark" task!

It should be triggered after saving the feral werewolf, and going back to Lusterfield should give you a heads-up of where to go in the journal!

I try my best not to take any assets directly from similar games without permission, but their sounds are quite good! :p

Hey there! Sorry, I didn't manage to find appropriate sounds for the game so I've kept it muted instead. I do plan to add these sounds into the game eventually if I end up finding some :p

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Thanks for the comment and sorry for your experience! We'll keep working on fixing bugs and improve upon the existing content, in the mean time, we're developing a refactor of the entire game that will probably make for a smoother experience in most aspects!

So sorry about this, I'm not very sure how I can fix it, but I'll investigate the game side's problem!

Got it, thanks for letting me know, it should be from the newest patch, I'll fix it in the next update!

Happy New Year bud! <3

i suppose most dudes recognise the protagonist as more of a dragon than a goat, and there are also other dragons in Mokken as well. There isn't that much of a different between a furry dragon and a goat except for the fur colours and skull structures.

Although it is partly convenience, so we can repetitive scenes explaining your own backstory to every other characters, werewolf story is mostly self-contained so there might not be many call-backs until much later on. :p

sorry about this! It will be fixed in the next patch!

Ah, that's a good idea! I might be able to pull this off later on :3 Thank you so much for the suggestion!

sorry! Renpy is sometimes buggy with remembering texts, but there should be options to allow you to skip unseen text if you wish :3

Oh gotcha! I'll fix it in the next patch!

Oh! Have you completed the amble's quest about patrolling the farm? I think that's when you unlock his place. But I see now that it could be exhausive, I should add/remove some prerequisite there in the next update, thank you so much for letting me know!

do you mean the summery farmland? It should be there after starting certain task, or day 20.

they should be near the bandits' place :3

He's hiding around Split Trails in the dark forest!

There is an unofficial English Guide made by Claw, the link is up there on the game page, it should help with most problems! <3

I think it could be helpful also with the grasses in mind.

So sorry! Official Chinese Translation is still updating, but it probably takes some time to catch up to the newer game content.

非常抱歉! 官方中文翻译仍在更新中,但可能需要一些时间才能赶上较新的游戏内容。💕

There should be a leave button next to buy/sell button!

it should be start 5 days after Rahim has started the quest, do check if there's such quest in your journal. The event will end by itself after 5 days.

there should be stuff if you download directly. But yeah I've heard there are something wrong with the game on itch's desktop app.