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I'm a huge fan

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Logan is pretty difficult to romance if you compare him to Bernard, since you have to choose the right things both while interacting with the bandits and with the werewolf event.

You don't have to do those things with Bernard.

But as long as you do everything you need to romance Logan you can romance both at the same time.

I study medicine, so I know many of the later words, which helps a lot

You did a great job with this game :)

done and done

I'm pretty proud of this score :)

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You forgot to add the stick?

Oh I see what your problem is now: YOu don't have to make the cat out of the riceball, you make the riceball and then add the stick and you can combine them directly

In your first run only 20 minutes :0

I took 22 minutes for my third run now (but with all 16 berries)

You need 5 glowshrooms and then you can go to the day witch or Othra. You can find glowshrooms at Northcrest cave or at the purification lake. 

(Also in the main menu you can find a guide, it isn't updated regularly, but yeah. This one is answered in there. I also think you can already get a torch somewhere,)

Also don't forget equipping the item

I got everything but the last level and I definitely used a way too complicated solution for the second to last level, my brain is smoking right now. Good job

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I looked it up, I'm missing berry 5 and 7 :/

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I finally finished my first run, technically you also have to add another 15 minutes, since the game crashed for me the first time after 15 minutes. Where the hell are the last two strawberries?

I don't know if this is already common knowledge, since I suck at this game and haven't even finished it yet, but the place where you have to use a snowball for the first time (the two rooms with spikes) you don't actually have to use the snowball, you can edgeboost in the first room (by grappling the edge on the far right) and then jump over the spikes in the second room with the momentum you still have from the first room.

I figured this out, since I didn't know that you could jump on snowballs the first time I went through that room and just tried to get past it in some other way.

Good luck speedrunning :)

I am still trying to beat it right now, but looking back, that was one of the easier levels

You can STOP THE DASH???!!?

Anyway, I loved the fight, even though I didn't understand the interrupt mechanic at all.

I've been searching for Emma for about 30 Minutes now. Can you just not find her?

I mean, there is one for the corrupted Logan with Barrell  at night in the lighthouse.

Honestly, I have no idea how you are supposed to know the person on drums in Dowa Pawlowa, so I kinda got a little frustrated at the end, and I still dont know how you should figure that one out.

But I got it through guessing and it is still a really great game. 

one is at the lake, that one is difficult to find

Until now I don't think any "ending" is influenced by hero and bitch level.

But you have more sex scenes with a higher bitch level (in which you mostly bottom)

you mean sprite?

You can get Roushk after the first capture event in the bad route.

probably intelligence?

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you can make planks yourself if you have an axe.

Chop wood outside your house and then go to the workbench and make planks.

it can learn to mount you

You usually don't even need to move the save files, as long as you don't delete the old game versions from your pc

I really love the gameplay of this and if you need help with your english, I'd gladly help.

same question

Korg and Hayden had a scene together?

If you are talking about Arion, you have to beat him in a fight

or just use 2 dom potions

Do you already have something to light up the dark (glowing amulett or sth)? Have you equipped it? Did you look around behind the bridge (or there where you sneak past the troll)?

You can with the version released 5 minutes ago

Well, you should usually have some leafs that can be considered holy. It's just a pun really. If you really want to find out, you can go to the guide and check all recipes there.