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Hey there!

(By the way: I'm sorry about my deleted post! I wanted to edit the post, but then I unintentionally deleted the post. I'll just write it again.)

Thanks a million for the reply! I am super satisfied with the estimated price. I also wanted to thank you. About a few hours ago, I played the demo again. It inspired me to create something myself! Right now I'm working on a script for my own visual novel. 

It has never happened before that a visual novel/book/manga inspired me that much. I'm extremely happy. I'll surely continue following the development of the game. 

Sorry for taking your time and for my unintenional mistake. 

Thanks again, I'm sure that your visual novel will get more thankful Fans like me in the future.

(Edit: I checked your twitter account, and it's awsome. I'll consider creating an account!)

Greetings! ^^

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Hey there!
I'm totally fell in love with your game. 

I have got a few questions, and I would be thankful if you could awnser a few of these.

How much is it going to cost when it's finished?

When is it going to approximately launch? 

Is it going to launch on steam too?

Anyway, I'll definitely buy it if it's below $100. Please don't rush the development, take your time. The Demo is the best VN I have ever played, and I'm extremely excited for the finished version. I absolutely love the Characters, the artwork and the storyline. Also I'm pretty happy that this game won't be censored, Visual Novels get ruined this way. (At least I think so!) 

I'll definitely tell my friends about that game. (I think they'd love it!) Also I'm going to rate it 5 stars. You deserve it!

I'm soooo excited for Cyne! (And of course his relationship with Raen) I think he'll be my favourite character, I love this character-type! ^^

Anyway, I'm sorry for taking your time.

Keep up the good work! ^^