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Hey david!

The java error code shows up when a device is incompatible with the web version. This is a problem with the engine itself, not my game, so I sadly can't fix it for now. You can however try a different browser (this works sometimes) or just download the game and play it locally on your computer (this should work all the time)

Honestly, me too. Love the celestial print stuff. I painted the symbols a shirt I had with fabric paint and it looks amazing!

…you were talking about clothing, right?

Hey! Yes it is, although development is halted for the moment since I‘m swamped with uni work and other projects of greater priority. 

I‘m happy you liked everything so far though :)

Hi! This is an error showing up on certain PCs when playing the web version. I haven‘t quite figured out how to fix it yet and I suspect it has to do with how Ren‘Py exports its games into the web format (in which case I can‘t do anything, because it‘s a problem with the engine)

If this shows up for you, try downloading the game and playing it locally on your computer. That should always work!

Hi fox! Of course!! I‘ll put it under a read more for you :)

Trigger warnings include: Topic of death and ceasing to exist, existential dread, mild swearing

There are no graphic images, jump scares or explicitly horrifying scenes in the game, but if you get uneasy around death or discussions of it, you might want to steer clear.

A more explicit SPOILER about the game‘s story down below (This is not new info, just a clarification of how exactly the trigger warnings apply to the story):

Characters are being deleted and are becoming aware of their impending doom

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Hey Xeen! Glad you liked the game. I didn‘t put any trigger warnings initially because I thought the content was mild enough to not warrant any, but apparently there‘s some demand for it. I‘ll think about where to implement it. Thank you for the valuable feedback!! :)

Edit: Oh, and if you could tell me what trigger warnings you would have liked to see, I‘d really appreciate it :)

I've only now gotten to play this game, but I'm glad I finally did! Your artwork and excellent choice of sound design created a beautiful atmosphere and I felt very immersed in the characters the whole time - good job! I really enjoyed it :)

Well, that's always good to hear!! :)

And don't feel dumb, the game wanted to confuse you a little after all ;)

Thank you for playing!! And also thank you for writing such a long comment, I'm really glad you enjoyed it and could connect with the characters :) 

...and sorry for the exitential crisis

Hi crazette! If you‘re talking about the MC, this game is intentionally modeled after late 2000s, early 2010s otome games, which usually were very limited regarding gender options, or character customization.

If you‘d rather like to play something with queer or generally more diverse characters, feel free to check out my other games!! Nevergrove in particular has a POV main character you can name and choose the pronouns of, as well as a bigger cast to fall in love with :)

Don‘t worry, the game saves automatically after key points in the story. You‘ll definitely know when you see them ;)

Thank you :) The time limits gamejams have really makes one push themselves!!

Oh yes, it would be a shame if something happened to it! Thanks for playing!! :)

Hey Emi, thanks for the long comment!! :) I‘m glad you had fun!

Here‘s to hoping you‘ll be nicer to poor Kenji on your next rodeo ;)

This game was never intended to be an actual normal dating sim, so there is no such ending. But I‘m happy you liked it enough to want to date these poor boys earnestly!! :)

RenPy games have two separate persistent files. The first file is simply found in the folder you dowloaded under „game\saves“ and is called „persistent“. 

The other one is under „C:\Users\user\AppData\Roaming\RenPy“ Just select the RenPy folder, find the „DatingSim389“ folder inside of it, and delete the persistent file that one has as well.

That should take care of everything :)

Hi asphyxia! Of course for story reasons I‘d have to say no, but if you really want to replay it, you can download the game or delete the persistent files if you played on a downloaded version already - those are the ones that control the story progression!

Haha then you played it exactly the way it‘s supposed to be played! Glad you had fun :)

Thank you for playing! Glad you had fun :)

Hey csonnich! The way you described it, I don't think there's anything to worry about.

How about you continue playing for a while to investigate? :)

Hi again :)

I'm actually thinking about making a web version to the demo. Ren'Py web games always seem to have some issues with loading graphics and Nevergrove has a lot of artwork in it, so that's a little bothersome, but maybe I'll make it work.

What device are you playing on?

Thank you so much! :)

Do you want to know with what tools I make my games or just how I think of them in general?

For doubts I used the Tyrano Builder engine, which is a no code engine, because I was still testing the game dev waters, but I've since switched to Ren'Py and am learning Unity atm.

As for thinking of them- taking long walks helps! :)

That's really a bummer, I'm sorry. I hope it didn't put too much of a damper on your experience. 

The good news is that the downloadable version definitely shouldn't have an any of these issues, so everything should work just fine if you do that!

Have fun playing and let me know how it went :)

(1 edit)

Hi Komaru! Thanks for telling me.

This being a gamejam game I have made most of it in a pretty sleep deprived state and I'm actually looking through the code right now, to catch a few bugs I have missed the first time.

Expect this to be fixed soon :)

Edit: Ah, I've actually just noticed that this is a network error. You're playing the web version, right?

That sometimes happens if the internet connection is slow and has trouble loading the images in. Did you try to rollback?

Hm, the version of the engine I used for doubts is now outdated, so maybe it‘s incompatible with the browser you‘re using. You could try another browser. If that doesn’t work, you can always download it, no errors should show up in the local version!

Hi! Thank you for playing!!

I‘m glad you enjoyed all the zombie fun ;)

Thank you for playing!! :)

Hey Eunoia! That‘s strange - did you download it or are you playing in your web browser?

Ah, alright then :)

Glad you like it!! :)

I‘ll check out Elias‘ profile and try to fix it in the next update. Thanks for bringing it up!

Thank you!! I was a little frustrated with this update at times and I‘m so happy to hear you liked it this much :) I hope you‘ll continue to have fun playing seeing the story unfold 💕

Hi Sandpixie! Are you still having trouble?

Hey! Honestly, I don‘t think there‘s one good ending, they‘re all just endings. 

But if you need help reaching the last one and you‘re alright with spoilers you could take a look at the hint I gave Auggs further down in the comment section :)

(Also you can go outside by clicking on the door)

Oh, that shouldn‘t be happening! 

Are you playing online, or did you download the game?

If you are playing online images might have trouble loading. You could try downloading it and playing from your computer, then that particular issue should resolve itself


SPOILERS: So there‘s two things Alex can find out about Naomi that will be vital conversation topics later on. You‘ll need to know about both of them before having the final talk. Try looking around Naomi’s room, I‘m sure you‘ll notice them eventually!

I can‘t promise any weddings happening, but I hope the ending will still be satisfying :)

Thank you!! And good luck <3

Thank you! <3

Hey Auggs! Would you like a small hint, or do you want to figure it out yourself? :)

Hi again! Glad you liked this one too ;)

Aw, I was just about to comment wishing you luck. I'm glad to hear it was worth it in the end!! <3