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If you created a cross platform  compatible vst/au I would buy it.. Please develop your concept further..  It looks like a brilliant first iteration of a virtual instrument.

Yeah, I just checked.. Wine will not run it as normal.. Wineskin has no options which will execute the program successfully. 

This is entirely possible for 16 and 32 bit software but the complexity increases drastically when the software is 64bit.. yes.. I imagine it probably could be done with a VM.. but the processor overhead would be nearly unusable.  However.. if you have the chops to compile it under mac.. please share.. but do remember that most people do not have the skillset to create a compiler environment.. even if the source code to compile was readily available.

I'm done.. I think we both know you are being intentionally dense.  I can't download the most recent version you uploaded to itch.. Either allow people to download the most recent version that is not the patreon exclusive version at the time.. or just release a completable first chapter that is complete in and of itself. Doing neither is half assing both approaches. good day.

It's not something that's in their control. It's in yours.  "You can support this project directly at Patreon to access latest versions, otherwise consider purchases as a tip jar or just enjoy the game for free, although your support is really appreciated." <- None of that implies I should have to pay more for content that wasn't completeable in the first place. I don't feel like the support I did provide as little as it was is appreciated if your answer is "email". 

I'm trying to download the new mac beta but it's not letting me, even though at the top of the page it clearly says I purchased the game for ten dollars.. 

Add wasd controls.. I have one of those tiny keyboards you have to hold down fn while using wasd to get directional keys.

Game keeps crashing after I downloaded the most recent non patreon version purchased for $10.  Doesn't give any crash details just hangs and closes.. Is there any way I can use my save version from mac under windows so that when I do get the game running I don't have to play through a bunch of content I've already done?

Works great! Everything works as it should to progress. One note I had after reading the Mayors dialogue. It says first house to the west when it should say second house to the east. At least if we are going with the convention that left is west and right is east. Going back to the game now. Thanks!

Ok, thank you for letting me know. Hope you figure it out. It looks like a really fun game. 

What works in the MacOS version is very nice; although E to interact does not function, and dialogue doesn't appear. Click to exit room does function though the other icon doesn't seem to do anything. Unable to save for above mentioned reasons. I really like the art style though so I hope whatever is going on is easy to sort out. 

Your build process for Mac seems to be broken somehow.. I only develop within Unity so I can't say that I have any idea how to fix the issue, but one of the problems seems to be that the executables don't have the correct file extension. (.app) The directory structure seems to be correct on a  cursory glance.. but changing the top folder to app doesn't fix the issue.. Trying it in the itch app shows that there seem to be errors upon changing the application to executable upon file download.. hope this helps.. 

works for me now.

Just tried in Chrome on MacOs Mojave.. gave focus to frame.. no go.. 

I was thinking it was going to sound a little more like an analogue harp but.. honestly.. I think this is much better... It just feels soo feature complete and the sound of it has it's own really neat quality.. Thank you for releasing this. It is a joy to play with.

This was dope! I loved it.. reminded me of the way that the phone system used to be controlled ala DTMF. Lots of fun.

You're quite welcome.

got a message in safari which said that webgl was required.. checked on how to enable, option did not exist in my version of safari.. I would have checked chrome and firefox but I deleted them.. for giggles I tried to open it in Hyper which is actually just a terminal based on web technologies and that did seem to work.. So... I'm guessing it will likely work in chrome.. but I don't believe it works in sierra or high sierra safari. this has been your friendly neighborhood diagnostic tester.. hope it might give you a lead.      

unfortunately the desktop client installs the game which then opens to a blank window. checking safari next.

yep, with multiple attempts to set focus to the actual game frame. but I had a thought that it might work from within the itch desktop client so I'll try there.

browser version doesn't start in mac by hitting z.. checked my hotkeys.. nothing.. using vivaldi..

When I have something worth building for windows, I will definitely give it a shot.  I can't say for sure the builds will run but we'll see. :)