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I'm so happy to see a Indian making Horror Indie game! really nice keep it up!`You can see my thoughts and reaction on your game ;) 

so far i played unto chapter 1 very interesting way to see childhood nightmares..  

-It's Always Monday- have very deep meaning about some jobs in which person just working as machine with no specific identity. Im not sure im right or wrong but feel free to let me know!

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JUST SMILE ON MY FACE! I was not expeting this game to be this amezing. I cant stop laughing. Game make echo of our sound and that sound super funny. I made video singing bollywood hindi songs and it turned out very funny. Very nice game Hope to see more games like this.


Thanks for giving me game at early access. 

One of the finest game i seen after some time. Grimminghelm is a first person horror survival game where we have to escape from our nightmare by solving some puzzles. which are very difficult and hard to understand but spending 1-2hr. in game you will get good idea about the puzzles. It took me 2 days to beat the 1st ending. This is normal end to the story but there are some other endings too. Enemies are to hard to avoid and they sometime pop up from anywhere. first ending is done and looking to find new endings too.

Enemies are really annoying sometime. They have fixed path but sometime they come to us from anywhere make game really hard to complete. I thing there must be some indication to show they are coming or something.  

I love the game concept is nice but difficulty is too much bcz of annoying behavior of enemies. Performance on other hand is amazing. Map and environment is nice and spooky . 

best wishes to developer. Did really amezing job ;) 

Thank You