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Oh wow. Send help, just finished playing it for the first time ( calling in sick after pulling an all-nighter)  and now I'm struck with the bittersweetness  (ah, Dys. eh, passing of time ). Was afraid that it will have a bigger focus on building stats than the plot and characters, and while I'm always hungry for more scenes with characters ( but then how many stayed unlocked while I run like a headless chicken around?), fear not, the plot will smash you in the face. And characters would capture you with their reliability. And the worldbuilding and backgrounds will finish you off.  Beautiful game, bittersweet like a history of humanity.

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Oh yes, I definitely enjoyed the game! The humour, and mostly  how it doesn't lose focus on their friendship and banter in face of monsters and romance. Even if it did lose focus on their primary quests;p Chaotic energy is strong with this one, and I loved it!

 ( spoilers)My favourite character was Cotton - loved you playing with stereotypes  and presenting a  slightly different male character,  and his grumpiness and underappreciated carefulness, clashing with others ( even though it led to unnecessary often being called " pussy"  but that's friends for you, and lack of political correctness. )

It's a bit sad that the question of his magic stayed unrevealed and his endings not quite as happy or defined,   especially the one with Cream - didn't expect to ship them so much, more than MC and L.  More  of well-rounded endings ( Did only L get them? Was he " the true ending"?  ) would be an improvement for me, but then this game would be much longer and harder to make, and maybe different from your vision, so thank you for this! Your way of naming NPC's is truly inspiring:D

Usually, I would say it also could be improved by having a possibility to choose pronouns of MC, as there are different preferences,  but unexpectedly I enjoyed the way it was.

I might not write comments often but personally I find it interesting to get a glimpse of the creation process. Maybe even a bit inspiring?

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Aaah, I must say he sounds like the most intriguing one for me, at this moment! Not the most obvious choice but a know-it-all tsundere adviser in a position where his advice might go against his heart - what could I want more? The answer - only slow burn could make it more perfect and that we get too! Right up my alley, with the romance between people knowing each other long before the first sparks. So maybe his route will be about that-  in changing circumstances growing and finding themselves  looking at each other with a new appreciation? ( and pining?) And a conflict of interests? Whatever it would be, sounds exciting.

Piercings are a nice touch, questioning his image of a proper spiritual advisor. If he should choose between a person he loved and a kingdom, what would he do? What are his values and the dealbreaker?

Appreciation for the possibility to choose pronouns.

Let's be honest - that's not the first project that had problems with development, but it's the first time I had seen such negativity in the comments long before that. Talking about accountability, money, respect, high on self-righteousness -  I don't think that helped either.

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( warning, some spoilers?) For now played only Kitten's and James's route and just have to say that I love it! The dynamics between them, this reversal of usual process of courting, their personalities - just can't help but be charmed by an alien warrior princess persistently courting this  sarcastic and pragmatic, reserved young man, the way he can't help but start to worry about her - loovely!

I just wonder what happened with sequel Singles?

Had played the demo almost in one sitting and just want to say thank you thank you for reminding me what  joy can a good story bring! It seems as if you had also enjoyed yourself while writing this ( and drawing, and doing all those things I have no idea about) and it brought a real delight. A possibility to emerge myself in this world had brightened my day ( night), The quirky, interesting characters, with different capabilities and own worth, beautiful backgrounds, and all that mystery, not just starting and ending on highly-controlled society and secret royal descendant but going much wider - I don't remember being both so sure of wanting to buy a game and forgetting about feeling guilty about it. No guilt, just pleasure. 

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The worldbuilding with hints to our polluted world ( and DRAGONS) had captured my attention while the beauty of backgrounds had successfully kept it!  And the possibility to build MC's personality is such a treat. For now they are such bashful and clumsy character, haha, wonder if and how they could change. Best of luck with further work, it certainly seems delightful!

More erotic than romantic,  in not totally unkind to characters way.   MC finds everything consensual, although it's dubious when in order to go through the game you must sleep with someone.  Interesting concept though, with some action scenes  and variety of characters.

Loved their personalities, the way both had something to get better  at and overcome, and the way they did on their own while having support, and ahh, just cute dyamics! Brightened my day!

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I keep checking the progress of this game, so intriguing and capturing it was! Every character having a distinctive personality,  psychologically plausible,  and not letting forget you neither any interactions you had with them, nor the consequences of your choices regarding them. It's.just.great. Love this interactional-psychological approach to characters. And music. And graphics.