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Can someone look at the io.anuke.mindustry/files folder (android) and tell me what subfolders are in there?

I know this channel is full of feature requests, but if we could have a resource display on the overlay or maybe if we hover over a resource we could have a tooltip that shows inventory and generation rate for each resource type?

Hear hear!

I think they look for the least hp between them and the core. I notice they seem to find my thinnest wall. So if I add lots of defense there, they always go there and get annihilated.

So I went into settings/game data/open data folder and got the error, unable to open data file, missing valid file manager. What could that mean?

I had the same issue on 2 different devices. I clicked save and quit a few missions in, and when I went to continue the game started over. I looked for a save game but it said there are no saves. I really like this game, but I dont want to restart every time. Help!