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Discovered this game today thanks to a video on YouTube by Riggy2k3. I played it with my brother, and we had a lot of fun! This game is so creative, amazing and funny, and as a game developer, I found it very inspiring, maybe I'll produce something similar in the future.

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Man, your staff is awesome! I was making a small game for school, and really needed these. I downloaded like every gameboy graphics pack you made.

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I played this gam 2 months ago and forgor to leave a review, pretty epic game ngl, its easily at the number one place of my top 10 of the best rpg maker gamez ever. It's a unique experience filled with Simspon jokes and lore at same level of the one that fnaf as, plus, its one of the only rpg maker games in wich i had fun battling the enemies over and over again, sheesh their dialogues and attacks where quite epic (the last phrase it's a steven universe reference, sort of).

Underrated rpg, this needs to be played by every retro rpg fanatic out there.

I played the game and got all the endings! That was a load of fun.

So cool! The art style is so aesthetically pleasing, plus, i always been a big fan of this genre of games, so, playing this was obviously a really amazing experience for me. 

Well, what did you expected, that i really uploaded a game based on a Nintendo IP on the Play Store?

I really enjoyed playing this game, the characters have a great personality and the LOG option in the menu makes you appreciate them even more, the story is amazing, it's really to fun to explore the various places you go trough the game, and overall i think the pixel art of this game is really gorgeous. Conclusion: this an easy 10 out of 10 for me, more people need to experience this game. 

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As a creator of a funny and humorous rpg game myself i really loved Franken. Not only it's exactly the type of game i love to play the most (meme-styled rpg) but it's also incredible how well written the game is... good job!

This is the best game ever made! you can customize your cock in a crazy amount of ways and let him following you, and do the funniest skateboard tricks of all time, just like in Pokémon HGSS.

Wow! Yahoo! I upload it, and... why did i make a thread of comments about this when i could have just edited the Devlog?!?

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Okay! Fixed! Now i only have to upload it. Edit: why my computer lags just now that i have to make a small fix quickly?!?

P.S. Whoops! I translated only the game, and not the included text files with the controls... Let's see if i can fix it quickly.

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Thanks for your advice! I will implent it in the next update, with other bug fixes too.

Epic project, my man.