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On first load up the game crashed in windowed. On second, it generated a system for 5 minutes that resulted in  black holes consuming everything. On third, I hit spacebar once and got out of the system and the game ended in 10 seconds. I'm not quite sure what you intended it to be and i'm not sure that it's working.

I had a feeling I was missing something. I'd say pretend (or know) your users are idiots in the future and make sure all necessary instructions are stated.

good shit, man. Game's great. Simple idea, but well executed and pretty fun. Add a scoreboard and I think you could sell this to the public.

I'm hitting space and nothing is happening except the shape's wiggle in place. I've tried holding it, hitting it quickly, tapping it... I either need instructions or it's not working for me. :/

Pressing space bar scrolls the page, and in full screen mode the space bar doesn't do anything. :/ Might be my problem, but I can't play the game.