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thank you for the feedback sorry it took so long but there is a tutorial for the basket in the starting menu it redirects you to a video, also the tabbing out thing i did know about but couldn't fix do to it being something i can't control. also the movement is a bit tricky i agree but i don't rlly know why u got stuck, also if you press tab ingame it shows you a menu to change the volume of things like footsteps music and change your fov and so on, hope this helped but keep inmind i have given up on the project so it most likely won't be getting anymore updates.

i like it, took a while to get the hang of it especially with the workers, and would be nice if i could save my progress but overall, very nice game!

in 1.9.1 a sensitivity slider was added in the tab menu

Lumber World community · Created a new topic Controls

To move use WAS and D keys

To open the pause menu press tab

To chop trees stand near them and left click

To pick up cut logs left click while looking at them and near them

To jump press space

Warning [you might get stuck sometimes the movement doesn't like it when you hug a wall]

Last warning you progress won't be saved as it is in beta in full release it will save

Lumber World community · Created a new topic Feedback

if you have any bugs or ideas please post them here, thank you ! :)