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loved the game but i think i found a bug. at the part where he calls you master, and you have the choice between "master?" and "don't call me that". if you click "don't call me that" the jester will ask you what he should call you, but the game gets stuck. you will see that the text box says "master" and there appears to be a space to type something, but i was not able to type anything or move past that screen in any way. was still able to access all the endings though! i would really love a full version of this <3 i hate clowns but i ended up totally falling in love with jester. (ps. i was playing the website version not downloadable) 

hi! i was wondering, is this assets ok for commercial use? and is there any type of project that this asset is not allowed to be used in?  

Thank you so much for the feedback! and thank you for playing my game ^_^ If I make a v3 I will keep your critiques in mind. 

moving forwards I want to put more of my games on browser. this game was made in RPG maker so if I wanted to make it a browser game I would have to rebuild the game in something like game maker studio and sadly I don't have time to do that at the moment. 

thank you for playing my Demo! ^_^  I hope you guys had fun even though it was so short

i love your style, these assets are beautiful! 

no, I used Game Maker :3

hi! this sprite is super cute! can i use it for commercial purposes? 

this background is really cool! is it available for commercial use?

hi! this background is absolute beautiful! can it be used for commercial purposes?

wow this sprite is beautiful, good work!

sorry it took so long but i sent you the key in an email ^_^ hope you enjoy!

yay ^_^ do you have anywhere i can DM you a key?

awesome :D do you have somewhere i can send it to you? like an email or something? if i post it here someone else might snag the free key

Thank you for the interest in my game ^_^ unfortunately I do not have the money required to post the game on steam. To upload a game on steam it costs $100. The only other place I currently sell this game is on gamejolt (

these are great! i ended up using mostly edited versions for my new game:

i did end up using the heart one for the game's icon. 

if you would like to try my game out i can send you a free copy :3 

great asset! i used the gold and red coins in my game:

if you would like to try the game out i can send you a free copy :3 

This backdrop is beautiful, i used it in my new game as the bg for the coin earning minigame.

if you want to try the game out ill send you a free copy! 

This sprite is amazing! i used it in my new game:

if you wanna try the game out i'll give you a free copy :3 

keep up the great work!

your assets are amazing! I used this and a few others in my game:

If you wanna try the game out ill send you a free copy! 

omg they would look so cool in your style ^_^ also thanks XD I tried my best lol

thanks lol I never made anything with a drawing program in it before so I'm happy to hear it at least worked lol. I agree it doesn't have much going for it at the moment, if I ever make something like this again ill try to add more tools ^_^

I don't think its that creepy, if anything its just cheesy XD

I'm watching your lets play now and I am both dying of embarrassment and laughter. thank you so much for playing!

thank you for the feed back! this is the first game I'v made and I'm glad to hear someone enjoyed it!