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A tutorial might be good :0 I had fun just messing about with picking up objects and stuff but I've no idea what to do. Think maybe even just a youtube vid on the project page showing gameplay would be decent enough.

Thank you! Was exactly our thought process behind this :).

Thank you!

Think incenerating costing 1000$ burns a player from testing out when they're first learning, cus chances r ur gonna mess up right away which means u gotta restart! really good game tho otherwise! def one of the best in the jam.

Not sure if it's just me but my view starts slowly moving to the right? Somtimes after I move my view it stops and other times it picks back up I cant tell why. I dont have a controller plugged in, just my mouse into my pc.

Also picking up the scanner doesn't always work :0 hope you're able to fix because this seems like a really cute game with a lot of charm nd the scanner idea is unique

Hey you should add some instructions on the game page :) had to close and re open the game a couple times at the start before realizing R would skip the intro and Z would move ahead of the story.

Took me a second to understand but really cool! The physics of the geodes add a lot and the ui and graphics r dope! The fact you need to manage everything with mouse is really cool also and adds to the challenge! Just wanted to say though that I think sometimes trash comes out coloured similar to the box, so it just looks like a box with no stickers, which for a second makes you think you're out of stickers. Anyways, really dope game!

wow :0 best game ever ...

such a cute game thank u for making !