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@dibuzapping: I added new versions (originals are still available) where level 2 can now be finished. Be warned that completing level 2 takes you back to... level 2 :D

On the 2 buttons, the initial idea was a much more complex RPG but 38 hours of proper work (4 hours wasted on importing the animated models correctly) didn't leave me with time for much. So I tried to see if I could make a 2-button hack & slash (well, just 1 "button" on mobile).

I know it's a pretty bad prototype but it is what it is.

It might be developed it further if I get time.

This has a really consistent artistic direction. It's pretty much a real, full game. Hats off.

The only negative is the gameplay could use a bit more fine tuning.

It's in theme which is good and it looks very nice, but the gameplay is really frustrating (at least on PC).

Pretty much awesome! Had quite a bit of fun with this.

A bit difficult but it looks nice and it's in theme.

The GPL code will remain here for the duration of the game jam, since it would be unfair to re-upload the binaries. After that I'll take it down since I wrote my own class to fade the screen (and with fancy transitions too).

Additionally I was mistaken about the cat & mouse graphics being GPL (graphics from the Scratch project are licensed under CC-BY-SA).

This should cover all previous GPL dependencies. The code in the git repository and the new code archive is licensed under the MIT license.

I hope this is OK.