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Great concept! I like the visuals and the feel. Great work! :)

Very nice work! I played through. Right when I said to myself, "I'm not gonna die, I died." :P

Thanks so much, really appreciate it! :)

Thanks so much! Great feedback for something that ended up being so incomplete! LOL Ty! :)

Yeah, that was a weird physics glitch where the collision mesh for the player is getting wigged out. LOL Thank you!

Yeah, unfortunately we had time issues. :(  Thank you!

Haha - thank you! :P

Thank you! Yeah, it didn't go well for us time-wise. :P

Thanks very much! Wasn't what we intended at all, but got something up there nonetheless! :P

Wow! Interesting. Is this Win, Linux, or Mac?

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Hi! Did you unzip the whole ZIP and run from there? Or run directly from ZIP?

Also, please download the latest files. :)

Thank you... some issues at the moment. :(

Super cool

Ohhh, I guess I didn't realize that. I'm fairly new to itch. Thanks!

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Where is the paid version?

Cool concept! I love the idea!

Thank you! All great ideas and definitely inline with what I had in mind. I hope to build it out a little more post-jam. :)

Thanks very much! :)

Hey! Thanks very much! I appreciate it. Thank you for the feedback. I did notice something up with the driving/braking as well - I'm fixing that. I am planning some fun features so I'll keep you posted. :)

Cool concept! I love the visual style! :)

Haha - that's what people have been saying - I'm sorry! :D  It was a result of being rushed and unfinished. LOL Thank you!

Thanks! I plan on releasing it again with more fun gameplay aspects. What vid are you doing?


Yes, this game takes place inside of an actual model of a refrigerator! :P

Video for the gameplay: