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I appreciate you playing, Ive definitely thought about going into a wolfenstein type game so thank you for the response!

Thanks for playing! I appreciate your feedback

It could have also been me being incapable of pathfinding lol. Definitely a pretty game though, best of luck!

This is awesome, super impressive effects, visuals and particles. At first I was super confused as to why there would be a picture of a squirrel on my dash, until I realized I was a hamster which just made it even funnier. I hope this games grows even more, it would be awesome.

I do apologize for calling it low effort, as a dev I definitely understand any game that you can walk in and do stuff in has effort lol. The more appropriate word would have been simple. I did leave a positive rating however because the game was scary, holding its expectations as a horror game. Best of luck!

I apologize greatly, is there a specific point within the game that it may slow down, or where it crashes. I could take a look.

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Of course, thank you for playing! Stick around for the next game, it will definitely feature more story!

Thanks! I appreciate you playing and the feedback, hopefully you enjoy my future project!

No worries, I would try to help but im not sure how to use that engine. But best of luck with the game!

The game wouldnt start ;( everytime I opened it I would receive a full console of errors with no way of progressing, hopefully its just my computer and not for everybody else.

While the visuals were incredible, the movement drove me up a wall. Since I could only move one cube at a time, it felt so unresponsive when I would have to wait until I finished moving left to move up. It was also very confusing and undirected, taking me quite a while to figure out where to go or what to do.

The monster definitely scared the life out of me, but the game gives off a very low effort feel. The camera clips into walls, the UI doesnt scale, theres no real way of knowing where to go etc. I did enjoy the jumpscare though so props for that.

Thank you! If you liked this make sure you follow the new one I’m announcing today! 

Thanks for playing! Im glad you liked it!

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Thank you for playing both games, I apologize the game was too slow but appreciate your feedback. I’ve had quite a few remarks on the pace of GO-17 being too slow so I will most definitely be increasing its speed. Hopefully this didnt deter you from the game or future games!

Thanks for playing it! Im unsure why that would happen but ill be sure to look into it. Thanks for the feedback!

Im glad you enjoyed it! Any feedback is certainly appreciated as well, so thank you!

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This was so cool, thanks for playing! Sorry for the abrupt ending, I had a bit of a malfunction. But it has now been fixed!