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Expecting Exploitation

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Oh to be young again, this fever dream of a game brought me back to my childhood, when I was filled with medicine as I was home from school. Such joy to be relieved from the pain, but like the game showed it only took time to be filled with regret as the darkness took over. However our hero, Sir Duckington, braved the nightmares and was triumph over them, similar to how I had trudge back to school...
(Cool game, very creative and surreal, thank you Dev!)
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Short game, but deeply philosophical in it's length, only a thinking person will understand that the time it takes to beat the game is also just how quickly LIFE passes us by, masterpiece and I do hope you continue this journey of game development! 
(jokes aside, nice lil game, made me laugh, thank you Dev!
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I think your craziness is infectious, probably will end up playing all of your games at this rate, something oddly nostalgic and liminal with this one. Thank you Dev for this nightmare!

Marvelous prototype, really good atmosphere, our playthrough however we couldn't get into the 2nd parcel sadly. The concept is solid and the voice acting is good, thank you Devs for this spooky piece of art! (2nd video in lineup, honestly this should have been its own video)

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This is a quick little gem I enjoyed while on little sleep, I adore pixel games and so I enjoyed the sprites for the MC, looks really smoothed. Not a fan of really dark spaces, but you did make me jump with those eyes, so added a little jump scare of my own as a test, Thank you Dev for this game! (3rd video of the lineup)

Played this when I was tired, pretty sure I had a wonderful dream that night of portraits that tell stories. fyi nice job on those single frame pics, creepy af. Thank you Dev! Honk Honk! (1st video in lineup)

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This game made my blood run cold, was one of the most terror-stricken, petrifying, beside myself with trepidation that the Devs would send "The Dancer" an man of men, to chase me, but be unable to be in a position to Dance with him, So tragic... For real though this game split my sides into space, thank you Dev! (3rd one in video)

Lovely little game, if only our teeth could regrow as this fine fellow does. I implore others to play and save this man from his cavities! Thank you Dev!

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"Crypt Underworld", what a surreal fever dream of a game, or should I say a piece of fine art. The game is a fantastic amalgam of otherworldly enthusiasm for the bizarre. I look forward to playing more of this chaotic adventure with a part 2. Thank you Devs for making this gem! 

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I have an adoration for these sinister children games, will have to come back and try for another ending next time, Thank you Dev! 

Didn't understand what was happening at first, but your art is fantastically harrowing, hope you end up making more! Thanks for the game Dev! (Yours was 4th on the video)

This one made me jump so nice job, ironically we started streaming just recently so it was fun to play this. I ended up testing some video edits (little spooks) using your game since the atmosphere was creepy, hopefully that isn't disrespectful. Thanks for making this dev! (2nd video is "The Interview")

Reminds me of the Granny game, I enjoyed how creepy Mr. White is. Had some hiccups in my playthrough, but fun lil game regardless, thanks for this dev! (3rd game in video)

A bit frustrating at first, but man what a surreal trip, never knew about the Quaalude thing so I learned something new, added a little edit around the end you may get a laugh at ;). Thanks for the fever dream dev! (Second Game in the Video)

Looking forward to seeing this one being fleshed out, has a lot of promise, thanks for the spooks dev!

This game was fantastic, I expected something short and silly, but got a well done horror adventure. Thanks for this one!

I really enjoyed the art style in this and the game mechanic was pretty interesting, the music got a bit redundant, although I did like the tune. added a small edit of our own for fun. (This game was the last one we played out of the 3+1)

This game was oozing atmosphere, I really enjoyed it. I'd say more true to what fairies would likely do if they found you in their territory. 

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First game of the 3, We liked it, got me spooked a couple times :)