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yes it definitely is

What does that have to do with anything? I pressed esc to pause the game and the game restarted back at the title screen. Don't know what im doing wrong.

o my gosh. why does escape restart the game!?

It took me forever on the last level until I finally skipped it. I saw the ending part, and I was like "I should be able to just fly over that." I wish I didn't skip 22.

Not sure if it's a glitch, but when you erase the tile you're standing on, you can still move to tiles next to you. Also, if you move onto lava and collect an extra ctrl at the same time, the lava doesn't kill you. This gives no advantage, but you might want to fix it if you plan on updating. Still great game. I love how there isn't necessarily one answer to each level.

It was a pretty great Pico 8 platformer! I think there should be a small cool down after you die, because I would die, and then immediately die again because of how close the edge is in most levels.

(97 Deaths, 30 time pieces) *thumbs up*

Great game! I felt so great when I finally figured out the key code. That was a great puzzle. The story was very interesting. I know that this was a contest entry, but could you please expand the story later on? It was really good and I felt like it got cut short. Thanks!

Let me just say, this is an amazing game. I love it. I did stumble across a problem, though. My game had an error when I tried to go down into the second level of the dungeon opening, and it crashed. I reloaded the page, and pressed load game. When it opened up, you might think, "Oh his game restarted and he is complaining," but NO. I had every single item in the game in my inventory. That kind of took away some of the fun and you might want to fix this.