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It was a pretty great Pico 8 platformer! I think there should be a small cool down after you die, because I would die, and then immediately die again because of how close the edge is in most levels.

(97 Deaths, 30 time pieces) *thumbs up*

Great game! I felt so great when I finally figured out the key code. That was a great puzzle. The story was very interesting. I know that this was a contest entry, but could you please expand the story later on? It was really good and I felt like it got cut short. Thanks!

Let me just say, this is an amazing game. I love it. I did stumble across a problem, though. My game had an error when I tried to go down into the second level of the dungeon opening, and it crashed. I reloaded the page, and pressed load game. When it opened up, you might think, "Oh his game restarted and he is complaining," but NO. I had every single item in the game in my inventory. That kind of took away some of the fun and you might want to fix this.