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I understand that this game is a Demo. But it was listed as a horror. It felt more like a puzzle with horror atmosphere. I do believe this game has potential and would love to play a more flushed out version that has a story, or at least a bit more story, programed in it. That being said I do love and enjoy the game and hope to see an update in the near future!

Here's a full detail description of my thoughts on the game. Pros:  - Great atmosphere - Little girl is creep AF - Journal give you hints if you chose to use it. Great idea for those who want help or those who want to figure it out.

Cons: - Majority of the puzzles have no backing. Example: The Clock was a lucky guess. The chess pieces do nothing when found or wasn't explained what needed to be done.  - Puzzles like the 3 cubes and the 8 pictures do require a bit of thinking.  - Texture quality could be smoother.  - Candle didn't really do much. Without it I can still see perfectly fine. Also, a small bug I found is when you don't have the candle light. You can still pick up candles and use them. Basically wasting a candle stick. - Text speed is painfully slow. No skip or fast forward option. - (Personal) Demo had no end. You basically do all the puzzles you're able to and that's it. Nothing tells you, you are finished. 

This game is amazing! I have not played a game that gave me the feeling of Amnesia: The Dark Desent since Amnesia. The atmosphere is perfect and every turn I made I felt like this was it. Here it is. You don't over populate the game play with jump scares or overly complecated puzzles. Every new section had it's own element of horror which genuinely had me scared from start to finish. 

I really wanted to make a video for this but for some reason the video comes out with lag. I'm really sorry about that and will continue to do all I can to look into what I can do on my end to fix this problem.

Can't wait to play more and see what other games you develop in the future!

Don't believe anything. The game is lying, kinda!